It appears that Facebook has quietly improved its Facebook Messenger app for Windows 10 as the app now has two features that weren’t there before. Users will now be able to make video and voice calls using the Windows 10 app. This wasn’t possible previously and they had to actually leave the app and use these features from the web version of Facebook in a web browser.

Facebook didn’t really say anything about this update, it chose to quietly flip the switch on voice and video calling in its Windows 10 app. Users will now find the same phone and camera icon that they’ve seen in the iOS and Android apps to make a voice or video call respectively.

Once the new features were discovered, a spokesperson for Facebook confirmed to VentureBeat that this is indeed happening and that the company only started rolling out this update last week. Once the update arrives, users will get call notifications if someone calls them and they will also be able to leave voicemails in their friends’ inboxes.

Users will also be able to choose which camera they want to use for the video calls and group voice calls will be supported as well. Unfortunately, group video calls can’t be made using Facebook Messenger on Windows 10.

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