Facebook has already added a data saver mode to its main app and the company is now testing a similar feature for the Messenger app. Facebook Messenger has been transformed into a bonafide platform ever since it was separated from the main app. It now offers much more than just the ability to chat with your friends and family, all of those features require mobile data so a data saver feature will surely come in handy for those who tend to use Messenger a lot.

Facebook has started testing a data saver feature for Messenger. It does with the name suggests, reduces the amount of data usage so that users can get more done without having to worry about blowing their data cap.

The data saver feature can be enabled from Facebook Messenger’s settings menu. It will reduce data usage when viewing photos and videos instead of automatically downloading content as and when it’s received. This feature only works when the device is on cellular data, Facebook Messenger will work like it always has when the device is connected to a Wi-Fi network.

A handy counter will tell users how much data they have saved since they turned on the feature, this counter can be reset at will. This feature is currently being tested in the latest version of Facebook Messenger, it’s unclear when it will be rolled out for all users.

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