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Mom Posed As Teen Son On Facebook Assists In Alleged Sexual Predator Arrest
Social networking is a double edged sword, and it really depends on how one uses it. It is a neutral platform, and while love stories have been regaled over Facebook before, the uglier side of sexual predators have also surfaced. A Greensburg mother who posed as her teen son on Facebook played a rather pivotal role in the arrest of an alleged sexual predator according to the local police.

Facebook Kills “Maybe” Button, Replaces It With “Interested”
Someone’s invited you to an event on Facebook. You’re not sure if you want to go or if you have the time, so you click “Maybe”. However it seems that Facebook has decided that “Maybe” is not the best way to convey your indecisiveness and has since removed the button and replaced it with “Interested”.The difference? Basically by clicking Interested, you are telling the event’s host/organizer that you are interested […]

Facebook Is Making Employees Switch From iPhone To Android
Facebook is the world’s largest online social network with more than a billion users spread all across the globe, it sees massive potential in emerging markets like India where CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently spend some time with interacting with the community and officials. The company recently put in place a program called “2G Tuesdays” aimed at making employees better understand how their users access Facebook on 2G speeds in a […]

Facebook Testing Dedicated Community For Buyers And Sellers Called 'Local Market'
A lot of businesses use Facebook to sell their products, they run ads and sponsored posts on their Pages to direct traffic to their websites and online stores. People have even created buying and selling communities on their own in the absence of a proper setup provided by Facebook. According to reports the social network is now testing a dedicated community for buyers and sellers called “Local Market,” apparently it’s […]


Facebook To Test 'Real Name' Policy Improvements Next Month
Facebook intends to make life easier for those who would want to verify that they are actually making use of their actual names on the social network. How will Facebook go about doing this? For starters, they intend to begin testing out such improvements from December onward. BuzzFeed managed to pick up a published letter from Facebook’s vice president of growth, Alex Schultz, who did acknowledge that the existing policy […]

Facebook Will Be Killing Off Game Requests Like Candy Crush
How often have you gotten game requests from friends for some game that they are playing on Facebook? We’re pretty sure it is often, unless you were quick enough to block that game from sending you invites. However given the number of games, it would be impossible to anticipate them all and block them.The good news is that Facebook is looking to address that. Speaking at a Q&A session held […]

Facebook Message Request Lets You Chat With Strangers
If you’re not someone who chats on Facebook often, you might not realize that there are two inboxes for your messages. One is a regular inbox where you can check messages from friends, and the other is an “Other” inbox where basically messages from people you don’t know end up.This can be annoying since you don’t get notified meaning that people who are trying to connect with you are ignored […]

Facebook’s 2G Tuesdays Will Let Employees Understand Emerging Markets
If you’re living in a developed country like the US, fast internet is sort of a given, and in some cases even expected.  However there are still plenty of countries in the world where access to internet itself can be a struggle, let alone it being a fast connection. To help better empathize and understand such markets, Facebook has launched a new initiative at their offices.Dubbed “2G Tuesdays”, as its […]

Facebook Enhanced Notification Arriving For Mobile Users
A More Useful Notifications Tab on Mobile from Facebook on Vimeo.Facebook, one of the most popular social networks in the world for quite some time already, is back in the thick of action by offering enhanced notifications for mobile users. This makes plenty of sense, taking into consideration the sheer number of mobile devices out there which will obviously feature the use of Facebook at some point in time, or […]

Facebook Explains iOS Battery Drain, Issues Update To Fix It
As many users of the Facebook app on iOS can attest, for some reason the app has been more battery draining than ever. This is due to the fact that the app continues running in the background despite the fact that many users out there choose to turn off background refresh for the app.Now the good news is that Facebook has since issued an update and at the same time, […]

Facebook Beta For Windows 10 Mobile Now Available For Everyone
It seems that the most recent version of the Facebook Beta app, which was announced a week ago for the Windows Phone platform, has been made available for those who are rocking to the Windows 10 Mobile platform – every user, with no one left out. The new version of Facebook Beta which was announced in the previous week did see some users go through issues which prevented them from […]

Facebook Search Expanded To Cover All 2 Trillion Posts
Facebook Search gets a lot more powerful today, the world’s largest social network has announced that it’s revamping this feature which sees close to 1.5 billion searches per day. Search FYI is going to cover more than 2 trillion posts in Facebook’s index so that users can see how people in their networks are reacting to a recent development and if it’s some big news, how the rest of the […]

Facebook Instant Articles Now Available To All On iOS
Facebook today announced that it’s rolling out Instant Articles for anyone and everyone using the Facebook for iOS application. It was about five months ago when Facebook announced these fast-loading articles which will appear in News Feed and since then the feature has been made available to selected users. Now though anyone on Facebook for iOS can get in on the fun.

Facebook iOS Battery Drain Could Be Due To Background Audio Usage
If you are using Facebook on iOS and you’re wondering why your phone is no longer lasting as long as it should, you can partly blame Facebook for that. The company had recently promised to fix the battery drain although they did not share what was causing the problem, leading many to wonder what could be the issue.As it turns out, it seems that background audio usage could be the […]