dlink facebookMost of us have come to expect that whenever we enter restaurants or cafes that they have free WiFi. It was never this case a few years ago, but now it has become an expectation and some patrons leave bad reviews when they find out that free WiFi isn’t provided, almost as if it is a right! That being said, if you’re a small business owner looking to drum up some business and coverage for your cafe, restaurant, bar, etc., D-Link might have something for you.


The company has announced a new wireless router that is a collaborative effort with Facebook. What this means is that whenever a customer checks into your establishment via Facebook, they will then be able to gain access to your WiFi network. So basically this means that patrons will need to check in to get free WiFi, which at the same time will help promote your establishment since it shows up on Facebook that they have checked into a particular location.

This is also convenient as it does not require customers to enter passwords or setup accounts to use the WiFi. By checking in, businesses will also be able to gain Facebook insights into their customers, see how many people have checked in, what kind of people tend to frequent their establishment, how many people have come in over the past few months, and etc. D-Link claims that with previous tests, they found that businesses experienced 3 times more check-ins using Facebook WiFi routers.

As for the router, it will provide up to 1750Mbps WiFi with 802.11ac for fast speeds, although we guess this will depend on how many people are hooked onto the router and are using it. It will also be secure and will come with security features like SPI firewall and WPA2 to help protect businesses. Priced at $149.99, the Facebook Wi-Fi can be found on D-Link’s website.

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