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Bethesda Reiterates That Fallout 76 Is Not Pay-To-Win
There are many gamers who are understandably opposed to the idea of microtransactions. The idea is that if you were to pay for a game, you should get access to the game in its entirety and not have certain content locked behind a paywall. Unfortunately for gamers, microtransactions is an extremely lucrative model so don’t expect to see it go away anytime soon.

Bethesda Says Fallout 76 ‘Wasn’t Doable’ On The Nintendo Switch
While the Nintendo Switch is definitely getting a lot more love compared to its predecessor, the Wii U, there are still some games that are launching on the PS4 and Xbox One but aren’t launching on the Switch. Bethesda’s Fallout 76 is one of those games, and given that the company seems to be a staunch supporter of the Switch, many are wondering what gives?

Bethesda & Microsoft Come Down Hard On Gamer Who Broke Fallout 76 NDA
NDAs are serious things and breaking them can have serious consequences. This is because sometimes NDAs are put into place to prevent information from being leaked to a competitor who might then try to come out with a product before the company does. It can also sometimes paint the product in a bad way, especially if it is a prototype or beta that is being shown.

Obsidian ‘Very Doubtful’ They’ll Be Working On Future Fallout Titles
Fallout: New Vegas is one of the more loved titles in the Fallout franchise and was developed by the folks at Obsidian. However if you are hoping that Obsidian might return for a Fallout: New Vegas 2 or another Fallout title in general, it seems that you probably shouldn’t get your hopes up just yet.


Bethesda Shares More Info On Fallout 76’s Microtransactions
It is almost a guarantee that games these days feature microtransactions, which is a way for developers and publishers to keep making even after the initial purchase of the game is made. Bethesda’s upcoming Fallout 76 is no except and the game will feature microtransactions, but for those worried it being a pay-to-win kind of situation, Bethesda is reassuring that isn’t the case.

Bethesda Details How They Will Handle Griefers In Fallout 76
The upcoming Fallout 76 from Bethesda essentially sees the largely single-player RPG franchise  transform into something of an MMO. As is the case with multiplayer games, there are bound be times when you run into players who seem to have no other intention other than to harass or grief you by killing your characters over and over again.

Fallout 76 Beta Will Kick Off October 23
For gamers who are eager to see what Fallout 76 will be bringing to the table, you might be pleased to learn that Bethesda has announced that the beta for the game will be kicking off on the 23rd of October. This is for Xbox One gamers who will be getting an exclusive headset, and those on the PS4 and PC can expect beta access a week later.

Bethesda Unsure If Fallout 76 Will Ever Support Cross-Play
The implications of Sony finally allowing cross-play for Fortnite on the PS4 are huge. This means that there is potential that games that were previously denied cross-play could finally be getting the feature, but unfortunately for gamers, it seems that it could take a while before that happens, or in the case of Bethesda’s Fallout 76, perhaps never.

Bethesda Lets 12-Year Old Boy With Cancer Play Fallout 76 Early
Recently it was revealed that a gamer with a terminal cancer diagnosis managed to get a chance to play Super Smash Bros. Ultimate ahead of its release, thanks to Nintendo who helped make it happen. Now it looks like Bethesda has done the same for a 12-year old boy called Wes who has been diagnosed with stage four neuroblastoma.

Bethesda Expects Fallout 76 To Last ‘Forever’
When Blizzard launched World of Warcraft, it essentially meant that its Warcraft RTS franchise was put on hold. Given the ever-changing nature of the MMORPG, it would be hard to craft a story for Warcraft without it clashing or possibly contradicting the events that are taking place in the game. To date we have yet to see a new Warcraft title.

Fallout 76’s Power Armor Edition Will Not Be Restocked
When Bethesda announced Fallout 76, they also unveiled the Power Armor Edition which is basically a collector’s edition bundle that comes with a bunch of goodies, namely the Power Armor helmet. Unfortunately as expected, it was a hot ticket item and has since been sold out, leading many to wonder if there are plans to restock it.

New ‘Fallout 76’ Video Explains How Multiplayer Works
Unlike previous Fallout games where it was mostly focused on single-player content, Bethesda is approaching Fallout 76 differently by making it a multiplayer game. In a way you could think of it like a combination of Fallout games and also Fallout Shelter, where you get the experience of Fallout but also the need to work together to survive the dangers of the wasteland.

Fallout 76’s ‘Perks’ Can’t Be Bought With Real-Life Money
Microtransactions are a popular way for developers and publishers to make money beyond the current sale of the game. Some games do it properly where gamers don’t feel the need to make any purchases, but yet can progress through the game just fine, but there are others in which it is clear that the more you spend, the easier it is to win.

‘Fallout 76’ Will Have Ways Of Dealing With In-Game Griefers
The problem with multiplayer games, especially in MMORPGs is that from time to time you encounter players whose sole purpose is to try and kill you in the game and mess up your experience. This can get rather annoying, although the good news is that over the years, developers have been coming up with different ways to deal with this.