Articles about FIFA 15

Luis Suárez Ban Extends To FIFA 15 As Well
In case you were living under a rock over the summer you might have heard about Luis Suárez chomping down the shoulder of an Italian footballer, Giorgio Chiellini, in the final group stage match that would have sent the losing team home. He was subsequently banned from the sport for four months. Since he can’t make an appearance in a real-life game, don’t expect to see Luis Suárez in the FIFA 15 […]

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Mode Won't Have Trade Offers Feature
EA is seriously clamping down on coin sellers that it believes compromise the gameplay experience for all players. Last last month EA confirmed that players who indulge in coin trade will have their entire online access banned as the buying and selling of coins amounts to cheating and will not be tolerated. In a forum post today it revealed that the Trade Offers feature is being removed from FIFA 15 Ultimate Team […]

FIFA 15 Demo For Xbox One Released
Football fans rejoice! The demo of the title most of you have been keeping your fingers crossed for has finally arrived on Microsoft’s console. That’s right the FIFA 15 demo for Xbox One has been released today. There are a handful of teams in the demo version which you can choose for a match, also included in the demo is the Ultimate Team experience. For now it is only available on Microsoft’s […]

FIFA 15 Pro Clubs Mode Absent On PS3 And Xbox 360
Football fans around the world are waiting for EA’s new title to drop. FIFA 15 will be released next month and EA has cleared something up today that might not cheer up those who will be playing the title on previous generation consoles. EA has confirmed that FIFA 15 on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 will not feature the Pro Clubs mode, it will be limited to PC, PlayStation 4 and […]


FIFA 15 Coin Traders Will Be Permanently Banned
Pure gamers don’t have a high tolerance for cheaters, they tend to compromise the entire gameplay experience. Electronic Arts has no love for cheaters as well and in a new blog post it has outlined rules of the game as the launch of FIFA 15 nears. EA has said that it will show cheaters who indulge in coin trade the red card, and will result in the entire online access of […]

FIFA 15 Stadiums Include All 20 From Barclays Premier League
Electronic Arts has already confirmed and showed off FIFA 15, football fans around the world would no doubt be waiting anxiously to get their hands on the new title. Those who follow the sport would know that a new Barclays Premier League season starts on August 16th. The game’s release will take place during the season and fans of the league would certainly appreciate that FIFA 15 stadiums now include all […]

FIFA 15 Cover Features Clint Dempsey In North America
Earlier this month Electronic Arts showed off the global cover for its upcoming title, FIFA 15. Those who had been waiting to see which player EA picked up as the cover athlete were not disappointed, its Lionel Messi. This marks the fourth FIFA cover for Messi who has previously been the face of FIFA Street, FIFA 13 and FIFA 14.  Its no surprise, Messi is ranked as one of the best […]

FIFA 15 Aims To Make Gameplay More Realistic
Last week Electronic Arts confirmed that it will release the FIFA 15 official trailer after E3 2014 kicks off. The expo is already well underway and EA has not only released the trailer but has also described in detail the entire idea behind the next iteration of its hugely popular football franchise.

FIFA 15 Official Trailer Coming Next Week
E3 2014 is just around the corner and we’re all gearing up to hear some wonderful gaming-related news. Since next-generation consoles are already out the focus will mainly be on new services and new games. Obviously gamers will be most excited about upcoming titles, developers and publishers are expected to offer sneak peeks. Electronic Arts today confirmed that the FIFA 15 official trailer will be released online next week.