EA is seriously clamping down on coin sellers that it believes compromise the gameplay experience for all players. Last last month EA confirmed that players who indulge in coin trade will have their entire online access banned as the buying and selling of coins amounts to cheating and will not be tolerated. In a forum post today it revealed that the Trade Offers feature is being removed from FIFA 15 Ultimate Team mode.

Through the Trade Offers feature players could exchange items with each other directly without having to go through the title’s auction system. The feature was meant for card trading but many used it as a workaround for barter deals which included coin trades as well.

EA writes that while honest players used the Trade Offers feature to trade with their friends, this ultimately become one of the methods “used by coin sellers to sell and move coins.”

EA says that removing this feature from the FIFA 15 Ultimate Team mode was a tough decision but a step in the right direction for improving the security and banning cheaters altogether. The maximum number of Transfer Targets allowed now is 50 player items, meaning that players will only be allowed to bid on that many items at any one time.

FIFA 15 will be released on September 26th.

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