Last week Electronic Arts confirmed that it will release the FIFA 15 official trailer after E3 2014 kicks off. The expo is already well underway and EA has not only released the trailer but has also described in detail the entire idea behind the next iteration of its hugely popular football franchise.

Nick Channon, the lead producer of this game, started off his E3 presentation by saying that for him, “football is the most emotive sport in the world.” This understandably hinted that the focus of FIFA 15 would be on better interaction between team-mates and the opposition.

It includes a plethora of visual upgrades that aim to make the experience more realistic, so players show more emotion and goalposts actually shake when struck. Cleats will leave imprints on the grass and as players shove each other to get the ball players will see tugging shirts.

Players will also have “memories” so they’ll know how to react during different stages of the game. For example if a goal is missed in the first few minutes of the match the player’s team-mates won’t react as aggressively as they will when a goal is missed in the final crucial minutes. This is supposed to make players feel like actual human beings and ultimately provide the gamer an enhanced sense of immersion.

FIFA 15 will likely be launched for previous and next generation consoles apart from the PC. Electronic Arts didn’t say when the title is going to be released.

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