Pure gamers don’t have a high tolerance for cheaters, they tend to compromise the entire gameplay experience. Electronic Arts has no love for cheaters as well and in a new blog post it has outlined rules of the game as the launch of FIFA 15 nears. EA has said that it will show cheaters who indulge in coin trade the red card, and will result in the entire online access of that particular player being banned.

Buying and selling coins amounts to cheating in FIFA Ultimate Team and is not authorized. It violates Terms of Service and will end in a FUT account ban or even a full EA account ban. Those who participate in such activities may see their accounts being banned immediately though in some cases EA might issue a warning first. It may also ban the user from FUT Club, their FUT account and the entire FIFA online access.

EA reveals that it has banned “hundreds of thousands” of FIFA 14 accounts just for buying and selling coins. Promotion of coin selling websites is also a violation of ToS and players are encouraged to report such behavior.

The wheels are also in motion for resolving in-game exploits that are used to farm coins. EA says that this is an on-going process but the work has started off. FIFA 15 will be released late next month.

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