When you think of fire, the only way water is thrown into the equation is in order to help control the blazing inferno in hopes to extinguish it. But scientist have invented a new welding flame that is comprised entirely of water as it’s main fuel source. The Safeflame has the ability to split water into oxygen and hydrogen to then recombine them outside of the torch’s mouth in order to create fire. The byproduct of this procedure is only water

The method behind the Safeflame isn’t entirely a new one, although at the time it was engineered, the process was too pricey to be considered for wide adoption. The Safeflame uses methods that make the process much more cost effective as well as safer than traditional propane and acetylene torches.

The Safeflame torch itself always remains cold to the touch due to the flame burning on the outside of the torch. The torch will also remain cold after it’s turned off, allowing the user to put it down wherever they like. We’re sure you welders would probably think up of some shenanigans of throwing a torch that’s just been turned off at another welder, just to see their reaction when they learn you’ve been using a Safeflame. Good times.

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