If you’ve made a trip down to your local Walmart, you’ll know just how harmless scooters can be so long as the person riding it isn’t making their way to the last box of Cookie Crisp. Scooters have increased in popularity as senior citizens and disabled people have relied on them to make their way through the world, which is why we’re not entirely sure why someone went through the trouble of equipping one with a giant flamethrower, but we’re happy they did.

The modified scooter is called Lord Humungous and was created by Lance Greathouse. Lord Humungous was created out of an electric gold cart and equipped with all-terrain tires, a seat from a helicopter, old dental machines and, of course, a giant freaking flamethrower. The flamethrower can singe anything as far as 10 meters away, which is approximately 32 feet.

Lord Humungous took about a month to complete and cost $1000 in parts, although Greathouse is used to this kind of work as he regularly sends disabled people decked out wheelchairs to help give them a more personalized scooter.

If you were wondering why exactly someone would combine a scooter with a flamethrower, we think Greathouse says it best. “‘I love fire and wheelchairs so I thought why not put them together.”

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