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Mozilla Will Attend MWC 2014 To Show Off Firefox OS' Progress
When it comes to smartphone operating systems, there are many to choose from. We have iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Tizen, Firefox OS, and Sailfish OS, just to name a few. However when it comes to platforms that are dominating, safe to say that iOS and Android are probably the two most popular platforms available in the market at the moment, but does that mean that other platforms don’t stand […]

Firefox OS Tablet Prototypes Enter Test Phase
Most people will immediately associate Mozilla with the popular Firefox web browser, but it does so much more than that. Firefox OS is the prime example, a new platform that’s already powering a few low cost smartphones. Mozilla has already said that Firefox OS smartphones aren’t going to be launched in the U.S. any time soon, that’s because it wants to focus on markets where saturation isn’t sky high. The […]

Panasonic And Mozilla Work On Firefox OS Open Platform For Next Generation Smart TVs
[CES 2014] There is nothing quite like good, old fashioned collaboration between companies to churn out something useful for the masses. Both the folks over at Panasonic Corporation and Mozilla have announced that they will be working together to develop and promote the new Firefox OS, which happens to be an open platform that is based on HTML5 as well as other Web technologies, targeting next generation smart TVs as […]

Tizen And Firefox OS Should Team Up, According To Samsung
It is safe to say that in the smartphone platform market at the moment, the main players are probably Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry. There are of course other platforms out there such as Sailfish OS, Tizen, and Firefox OS. While not to say that these smaller operating systems have no chance at beating out the big guys, doing it on their own could be a long and tough […]


Mozilla Currently Has No Plans To Launch Firefox OS Phones In The U.S.
AT MWC 2013, the then Mozilla CEO Gary Kovacs said that Firefox OS phones will be available from Sprint in early 2014. The company appears to have backtracked on that comment. Mitchell Baker, Mozilla’s Executive Chair, said that the OpenMobile Summit that the company currently does not have any plans to launch Firefox OS phones in the US. The company is reportedly “actively exploring” manufacturer and operator partnerships for the US […]

LG Unveils Its First Firefox OS Smartphone, The LG Fireweb
LG seems to be slowly expanding its products into uncharted territory as they’re reportedly working on a number of products that will run on Chrome OS, and today, the company is unveiling its first Firefox OS smartphone: the LG Fireweb.

ZTE Firefox OS Phone Sold Out Over The Weekend
It was just a few days ago when the Firefox OS handset from ZTE was released in the US for $80 a pop, and here we are with word that the device has sold out in its entirety – at least for the initial stock, over the weekend. Of course, this does not mean that there are millions of the devices already out there in the market since under 2,000 […]

Firefox OS Security Updates Happening 6 Weeks
We have seen Geeksphone with their latest Firefox OS device, and if you happen to want to dip your toes and fingers into the world of this new mobile operating system, you are more than welcome to do so. So much so, in fact, that Mozilla is taking their Firefox OS seriously, where they have made a commitment to deliver new features to Firefox OS every single quarter. Apart from […]

Geeksphone Teases New Firefox OS Device
Geeksphone had already begun to tease its next Firefox OS-powered device right after the platform has rolled out to the public. In fact, they revealed that their upcoming smartphone that will run on the Firefox OS platform will be called the Peak+, which will obviously be an upgraded version of its original Peak developer device, and since this is a newer device, it conforms to the norm that one will […]

Mozilla Firefox OS Devices Officially Launched, Coming To More Countries Soon
The official Firefox OS devices have finally made their way to store shelves.

Firefox OS Has Arrived: “Final” Software Hands-On
We got our hand son the final version of the Firefox OS. Today it's about low-cost smartphones, but tomorrow will be different.

Mozilla: We Won’t Sell Own Branded Firefox OS Phones
Mozilla won't roll out their own branded Firefox OS phone.

Alcatel OneTouch Fire Firefox OS Smartphone Hits the FCC
It was not too long ago when we talked about how ZTE’s Open smartphone managed to pick up the collective nod of approval by the folks over at the FCC, which made the news simply because it is a Firefox OS-powered device, and here we are with word that a different device this time around – the Alcatel OneTouch Fire, which so happens to run on the Firefox OS as […]

Firefox OS Tablet Confirmed
The much rumored Firefox OS tablet was confirmed today at Computex 2013 when it was seen on the table at Foxconn's press event.