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Flash Expected To Be Dead In 2 Years
Flash was a much beloved format for the web back in the day. It led to some pretty interesting web design, and also introduced a new way for people to play games in their browser. However fast forward to today, Flash has slowly been replaced by other formats and according to a report from (via The Verge), it could soon be dead.

Santa Brought A Flash Exploit This Christmas
Flash is known more for the gaping security vulnerabilities that are exposed to the world time and again instead of being the technology that has powered a significant chunk of online content, so much so that even Adobe has started to inch away from it, and many online services have already moved on to something much better and safer. Flash is not yet dead completely which means security vulnerabilities still pose […]

Facebook Ditches Flash For HTML5 Video Playback
Flash has built up quite a notorious reputation for itself over the years so much so that many have vocally called for dropping this technology once and for all. Even Adobe has started to inch away from Flash as are many other online services. Facebook has now confirmed that it’s ditching Flash for online video playback in favor of HTML5. All videos you see on Facebook will now play in […]

Speedtest Finally Says Goodbye To Flash, Adopts HTML5
Flash doesn’t really have a good reputation for itself because even though the technology powers a big chunk of the content that’s distributed online it’s also very vulnerable to flaws and security issues. That’s really one of the reasons why Flash has the reputation of not being really secure, many online services have sinced moved to HTML5, and now the internet’s favorite destination for testing connection speed is finally saying goodbye […]


Twitch To Go Full HTML5 In 2016
A couple of months ago, Twitch announced that they would be transitioning to HTML5. However this transition was a small step as only the controls of its video player was changed to HTML5. The video itself remained in Flash. According to Twitch, “The video itself is still in Flash underneath the controls. However, this is an important step to releasing the much-anticipated full HTML5 player.”Based on Twitch’s previous statements, it […]

Google Chrome Will Freeze Non-Important Flash Files In The Future
It is no secret that Adobe’s Flash is no longer the web darling that it once used to be. In fact the recent discovery of Flash zero-day vulnerabilities has led to browsers such as Firefox blocking all Flash content, and seeing major websites such as Twitch making the jump to HTML5, and come 1st of September, Google will be attempting to phase Flash out as well.The company has recently announced […]

Hackers Exploit Flash Vulnerability Found In Yahoo Ads
Back in July we reported that a Flash zero-day vulnerability had been discovered. In fact had it not been for the hack on hacking group Hacking Team, there is a good chance the vulnerability might have gone on undiscovered for goodness knows how long. That being said, the discovery led to some security experts calling on Flash to be retired for good.In case you’re thinking that maybe it’s too premature, […]

Twitch Makes The Switch From Flash To HTML5
Flash used to be the darling of web developers back in the day. Almost every website you visited would incorporate Flash into its menus, videos, and so on. Fast forward to today, many are treating Flash like the red-headed stepchild, and while it might take some time before it is killed off, it is slowly losing support.Popular video streaming platform for video games, Twitch, has recently announced that they are […]

Flash Temporarily Blocked On Firefox Due To Security Concerns
Back in the day, Adobe Flash used to be one of the biggest things on the web. It allowed for interactive menus and videos such as YouTube, but fast forward to today, the Flash tool is now being seen as more of a security risk as opposed to a useful tool, so much so that the folks at Mozilla have decided to temporarily block Flash from running on their Firefox […]

Adobe Patches Flash Bug Exploit
It was just yesterday that we reported on a potential Flash zero-day vulnerability that has been discovered after a hack, and thankfully, the folks over at Adobe have been pretty quick to react to the situation since finding that bit of news out for themselves, and have just rolled out a patch to squash that particular bug. This patch will cover the likes of Flash Player for Windows, Macintosh and […]

Potential Flash Zero-Day Vulnerability Exposed In Recent Hack
Recently there have been some news about a spyware developer company called Hacking Team. The company is apparently responsible for creating spyware which is used by governments and law enforcement agencies to spy on others, although the company has since made embarrassing headlines for being hacked themselves.However it seems that in the hack, it was found that the Hacking Team had actually discovered a weaponized exploit that will take advantage […]

Google Chrome Improves Laptop Battery By Pausing Flash Content
It isn’t a secret that by watching videos and enabling plugins such as Flash, it can end up draining laptop batteries pretty quick. However the good news is that Google wants to improve on that with its Chrome browser. What the company has done is introduce a new smart feature that will automatically pause Flash content.According to Google, “When you’re on a webpage that runs Flash, we’ll intelligently pause content […]

Adobe Flash Player To Get New Features Soon
It has been quite some time that Adobe remained on top of their game where their Flash plug-in for browsers are concerned – so too, the same can be said for their Flash player technology. With both, it has allowed a fair number of Internet technologies to enable both multimedia and interactive content to grow to where it is in this day and age. New versions will come with its […]

Safari Blocks Older Flash Plug-Ins Because Of Security Issues
Apple did send out a security message late today, citing that the company has taken the relevant steps to block out old versions of Adobe’s Flash Player plug-in when it comes to the Safari browser, with the reason behind this block being a recent flaw which carries the danger of letting hackers actually exploit data from the browser, cookies included.