adobe flash playerBack in the day, Adobe Flash used to be one of the biggest things on the web. It allowed for interactive menus and videos such as YouTube, but fast forward to today, the Flash tool is now being seen as more of a security risk as opposed to a useful tool, so much so that the folks at Mozilla have decided to temporarily block Flash from running on their Firefox browsers.

Recently there have been a spate of Flash security concerns. For example just last week due to a hack on spyware company Hacking Team, it was found that the group had an attack on their hands that would target a Flash vulnerability, although thankfully it looks like no hacker actually took advantage of the leak before Adobe got to it in time.

In fact just today, Adobe released yet another patch for Flash due to another vulnerability discovered which was also through the Hacking Team leaks. Like we said, Flash used to be big back in the day and no doubt helped shape the future of the web with its concept and tools, but today the tool is no longer needed, thanks to HTML5 and other web standards that deliver more or less the same experience.

In any case what do you guys think? Should Flash be killed off once and for all, or do you think that the tool still has a lot of use left in it?

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