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Flash doesn’t really have a good reputation for itself because even though the technology powers a big chunk of the content that’s distributed online it’s also very vulnerable to flaws and security issues. That’s really one of the reasons why Flash has the reputation of not being really secure, many online services have sinced moved to HTML5, and now the internet’s favorite destination for testing connection speed is finally saying goodbye to Flash as well.

If you ask someone to check the connection speed chances are that they’ll open or it’s app on a mobile device, it’s like the Google of speed testing services, sure there are others out there but this is one that’s really a household name now.

Ookla, the company that’s behind Speedtest, has now started testing a beta version of Speedtest that doesn’t feature Flash, it’s powered by HTML5 instead so it’s actually much better. The new version can perform what’s needed of it within the browser itself, users don’t need to install a plugin prior to using it for testing connection speed.

This is yet another major sign that the inevitable demise of Flash is not that far off. Even Adobe itself has said that it’s going to gradually move users and content creators away from Flash, that’s how badly some people want to get rid of this technology once and for all.

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