We have seen Toshiba’s potential Retina Display challenger earlier in the week, and now we have yet another display from Toshiba to keep your visual senses occupied – we are talking about a flexible OLED display that measures 3″ across diagonally, but is a mere 0.1mm thin – now that is super slim no matter which way you look at it! Of course, the good news does not stop there since it tips the scales at just 1 gram. The main selling point? It isn’t only the weight and size, but the very fact that it can retain image quality over a long period of time, at least that is what The Nikkei in Japan claims. 

Toshiba did not have any specific metrics on what “long” defines, but they were not stingy with their method of development – the OLED display itself was built by attaching an oxide semiconductor TFT to a plastic substrate at 200 °C (instead of a glass substrate that has to be handled at 320 °C). The result? A display which is 90% lighter compared to those using a glass substrate.

Toshiba intends to utilize this new production method for more slim and yet larger displays (for practical purposes, of course), which can be rolled up and toted around sometime in the year 2014 or 2015. Well, that would certainly fall in line with some tablet concepts we’ve seen in the past that showed off a rollable display for easy portability.

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