NHK shows off flexible OLED panel

NHK has shown off its latest flexible OLED panel that is driven by organic TFTs at OpenHouse 2010 that is currently happening in Tokyo over the entire weekend. Compared to its predecessor which was exhibited last year, this model boasts an improved resolution of up to four times – a vast improvement, but an expected one given the rate that technology progresses. Measuring all of 5″ across diagonally, this flexible OLED panel has a 320 x 240 (QVGA) pixel count alongside a resolution of 80ppi. Apart from that, you get a frame frequency of 60Hz and transversely arranged red, green and blue subpixels in a 318µm-wide pixel. Another improvement over its previous effort would be the reduction of pixel pitch from 600µm to 318µm, alongside a lowered number of defects on the panel as a result. As to when we will see such panels in action in the commercial market, there is no way of telling.

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