FlipboardThe Flipboard app was originally designed for iOS devices in mind and unlike other apps that curates the news, Flipboard was designed to look like a magazine which gave it a more colorful and more interesting way of consuming news.

It was later released onto Android and was first launched as an exclusive to the Samsung Galaxy S3, although the leaked APK basically put it up for grabs with anyone with a Android device. A release for Windows Phone has yet to be made but presumably it could be soon, thanks to a recent sighting at Microsoft’s BUILD conference.

Spotted by a Reddit user, it seems that during the BUILD conference, an image of a Windows Phone handset running Flipboard was spotted. Since the app isn’t available for Windows Phone yet, we can only assume that the app is close to launch, otherwise why would they bother using it in the demo in the first place, right?

In fact the app was spotted on the Nokia Lumia 520 and since this is a low-end Windows Phone handset, we can only assume that all other Windows Phone devices should be able to support the app. No word on when we might see its release; perhaps on the 14th of April alongside the release of Windows Phone 8.1?

In any case Flipboard has in the past reaffirmed that the app would be making its way onto Windows Phone handsets. However that was in 2013 so we have to wonder what’s taking them so long, but better late than never, right?

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