EA Sports Virtual Playbook

Sports buffs who love analyzing football matches are going to be in for a treat. EA and Orad have announced that they will be bringing Virtual Playbook to global football broadcasters. Virtual Playbook is a technology developed by EA and Orad that combines real-life footage together with computer graphics, to generate an “augmented reality” that provides unique insight, education and analysis on key plays and techniques – basically taking watching replays and viewing stats to a whole new level.

EA SPORTS Virtual Playbook is created using feeds from in-studio real-world cameras as well as an in-game camera that captures EA SPORTS in-game graphics depicting real game scenarios. The real-world studio and game images of virtual characters are combined to create the effect of “augmented reality” – virtual players appearing in the studio alongside real life hosts and analysts. Both real and virtual people are able to move realistically around the studio set to demonstrate plays and scenarios. The system accommodates, and in fact is controlled by, the multiple real-world cameras that are typical in today’s sports analysis television programs.

EA Sports Virtual Playbook will be demonstrated at Orad’s booth at the NAB Show in Las Vegas next week (April 11-14).

[image credit: www.easportsworld.com]

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