If you thought that the game of football (or better known as soccer in the US) was already too commercialized, it seems like they have taken it one step further by shaving QR codes into the back of players’ heads. The “lucky” football club that will be getting their heads shaved will be South-East London’s Bromley FC, who hired the hair stylist favored by both Wayne Rooney and Rio Ferdinand to give them their first XI QR hair cuts.

We’re not sure what these QR codes are meant to advertise or do, since it seems highly unlikely that regular fans or spectators will get close enough to grab a photo of the QR codes with their mobile phones, which seems to suggest that this is more form rather than functionality. However given that there will be plenty of sports photographers with ultra zoom lenses, we don’t see why they couldn’t start commercializing these QR codes through the sports section in the newspaper.

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