Football is a brutal sport with broken bones and bruises considered to be part of the game. However concussions are pretty nasty business which is why Seattle’s X2IMPACT has come up with a smart mouthguard that looks to record the data collected during collisions between players during a football game. The lucky team that will be testing these mouthguards are Notre Dame’s Fighting Irish football team.


What this “intelligent mouthguard” does is that it records the g-force of collisions between players during the course of the game through the use of acceleration and rotation sensors, which gather real-time in-game data and send it via wireless transmitter to a laptop along the sidelines. The information collected will then be used by medical experts and designers of protective gear to help design gear which will better protect the player.

The mouthguards will be put to the test during the end-season game between Notre Dame and Stanford, with the Stanford players also sporting the mouthguards which should be providing a goldmine of data for the researchers.

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