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Foursquare Gives Your Friends The Power To Check You In
Foursquare now allows you to check your friends in automatically.

Foursquare Time Machine Visualizes Past Check-Ins, Predicts Future Check-In
Foursquare launched a web app that can visualize all of your check-ins and even predict where you'll check-in next.

New Foursquare Apps Released With Improved Local Search
Foursquare has released new updates for iOS and Android apps, which greatly improves the app's local search capabilities.

Foursquare App For Windows Phone Updated With Nokia Lumia Exclusive Features
One of the ways Nokia has managed to convince customers to come aboard their ship instead of the competition is by offering Lumia exclusives which aren’t available on other Windows Phone devices, and this is made possible thanks to the close relationship Nokia and Microsoft have. Well if you’re a Lumia owner and you love checking into places, you might want to check out the new official Foursquare app for […]


Foursquare For Windows Phone 8 Updated
Do you love to check in using Foursquare on your mobile device like the smartphone or tablet? If you have answered in the affirmative and so happen to own a smartphone which runs on the Windows Phone 8 platform, then you would be pleased to know that Foursquare for Windows Phone 8 has now been updated, where the latest version would bring along with it speech and Live Tiles among […]

Foursquare 6.0 Update Puts Its Explore Engine Front And Center
Foursquare has become one of the most widely used services for checking in to all kinds of locations. It is also used to keeping an eye on the places where your friends might be hanging out. To date the service has been used for over 3.5 billion check ins, needless to say that Foursquare’s user-base encompasses the entire globe. Today Foursquare 6.0 update for iOS and Android was released and […]

Foursquare For Business Managers Gets Launched
Business managers and owners will be happy to hear that Foursquare is launching Foursquare For Business Managers today. The app, which is exclusively available on the iPhone for now, lets business managers post updates, activate specials, and learn who their customers actually are. Foursquare says that the new app is designed to offer busy managers a way to keep up with Foursquare without being tied to a computer in an […]

Foursquare Goes Down
Looks like some mayors need not go to “work” today, and I am not referring to those who are in a public office, but rather folks who cannot get enough of Foursquare, the popular location check-in service, as this service remains down and out as at time of publishing, without any solid information on when it will be back up online. The Foursquare status blog did mention that the service […]

Foursquare Plots Check-Ins Into Maps
Foursquare’s got a rabbit in the hat. It’s a map actually, an interactive map, plotted based on the volume of check-ins per area. For example, what you are seeing above is an interactive view of the number of check-ins in a place that only Foursquare knows. The bright lights are the actual locations that people love to visit, while the bright lines, as Foursquare describes it, are links between all […]

Foursquare Changes Privacy Policy To Publicly Display Users' Full Names In 2013
If you’re a Foursquare user, you know users have complete control over what they share to other users and publicly. One thing its users won’t have control over is the way the service displays your name through its service as Foursquare is announcing some policy changes today that will go into affect in 2013.One of the first major changes to the service will be how your name is displayed throughout […]

Foursquare Offers Curiosity Explorer Badge To NASA Fans
When Curiosity made its famous Mars landing this past summer, it started its very important mission to study the mysterious red planet to discover a number of things, including if we could one day treat Mars as a second home.Today, NASA is announcing another important mission that includes you, your smartphone and Foursquare as you can add an exclusive Curiosity Explorer badge to your collection when you like NASA on […]

Garmin Navigon Gets Glympse and Foursquare Integration
Garmin has issued an update to its Navigon software (iOS and Android) that adds Glympse and Foursquare support. Foursquare is a social game in which you compete with your friends by “checking in” various places. You can earn points, badges and ultimately a shot at becoming the “Mayor” of those locations. Foursquare is also handy to save and find cool places to visit.

Apple and Foursquare rumored to be in talks over Maps data
Sometimes it feels weird that I have to resort to Google Maps on my iPhone especially since there is a native Maps app built into iOS 6, but given that Google Maps has certain features that Apple Maps lacks, it only makes sense that iOS users find the need to turn to Google’s offering instead of relying on Apple’s own app. Perhaps looking to improve their Maps app with more […]

Foursquare for iOS now features a 1 to 10 rating system on Explore
Foursquare has just updated its app for iOS devices. In an attempt to help its users find the best of places to visit, it is now adding scores to places in Explore to give users a quick sense of how popular a particular place is. The scores, ranging from 1 to 10, can be viewed next to the names of the places. Foursquare uses a wide range of metrics including […]