Foursquare, for those unfamiliar, allows users to check into locations. Sometimes this provides perks such as discounts and it also lets users leave comments about the establishment for other foursquare users. However one of the last things we’d expect from foursquare would be foursquare-related jewelry. Yes it looks like you will now be able to purchase customized jewelry which will be dependent on where you check in. Now this isn’t actually an official foursquare product, but it’s actually provided by another service called Meshu.

So how does this work? Well users will upload their check in data to Meshu which will then create unique patterns based on where you check in. Straight lines are drawn and connected to different locations (as pictured above), therefore ensuring that your piece of jewelry is completely unique to you. The designs are then 3D printed or laser cut and will be available as necklaces, earrings or even cufflinks and will set you back $75-$150 depending on your choice of material. It certainly is a pretty unique way to commemorate your life, i.e. the happiest places in the world where you’ve been, or maybe the places you’ve celebrated your birthdays, or where you’ve taken your dates and etc. If you’d like to make your own piece of jewelry or to find out more, head on over to Meshu’s website for the details.

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