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All New Foursquare Revealed
Foursquare has certainly come under the spotlight from time to time, such as when Microsoft decided to invest up to $15 million into the company earlier this year, while we also learnt late last month that Foursquare will be integrated with Cortana in Windows Phone 8.1 as well. This time around, the folks over at Foursquare have decided to throw back the curtains and show off an all-new Foursquare which […]

Foursquare Integrated With Cortana In Windows Phone 8.1
As you might have heard, earlier this year, Microsoft had invested $15 million into Foursquare and it looks like their investment could be paying off. According to reports, it seems that Microsoft is taking advantage of their investment in Foursquare by integrating it with Windows Phone 8.1 and using its location data to help improve Cortana, the company’s voice assistant feature for the Windows Phone 8.1 update.According to Windows Phone […]

Swarm For Windows Phone Teased
Foursquare, fresh from a new look, did make an announcement in the past to ensure its check-in app no longer remains as a singular entity, but rather, will be split into two – Swarm and Foursquare. The former will be more focused on check-ins and the like as it arrived on both Android and iOS platforms just a few weeks after the initial announcement, with Windows Phone owners left hanging […]

Foursquare Boasts Of New Look, Logo
From time to time, companies “reinvent” themselves by rolling out a new logo as well as introduce new features to their apps and services, and Foursquare is no different, either. In fact, Foursquare will be migrating all check-ins to their new app that is known as Swarm. Fret not, however, as all the check-ins in the past, your entire slew of friends, the gamut of photos acquired, will automatically be […]


Foursquare To Breakup Into Two Separate Apps
Foursquare emerged on the scene back in 2009 giving users the ability to declare their location by “checking-in” to a location. Since then it has amassed millions of users and billions of data points. The landscape has shifted since 2009 though and Foursquare can’t simply survive with this in the long term. The company is certainly aware of this. CEO Dennis Crowley has revealed today that Foursquare is going to breakup into […]

Instagram Tests Facebook Places Integration
For a long time, Instagram’s location services have been powered by Foursquare’s vast venue database. That might change in the future. According to a new report, Instagram is now testing Facebook Places integration as a possible replacement for Foursquare. If this eventually happens, its unlikely to surprise anyone considering the fact that Facebook owns Instagram.

Microsoft Invests $15 Million Into Foursquare
For those unfamiliar, Foursquare is an app/service that allows users to check-in to various locations, leave reviews, and collect badges. The service is integrated into other apps, such as Instagram where it is used to retrieve locations, although recently it looks like Microsoft and Foursquare have managed to negotiate a deal in which both companies have entered into a data licensing partnership. The deal is said to have cost Microsoft […]

Foursquare Now Lets You Order Food Within The App
Foursquare might be one of the most widely used services around the world that people use to find great places to dine at, but it has never been a service that has allowed users to place orders for delivery, until today.Foursquare has just announced that GrubHub Seamless has now been integrated, therefore users can now find over 20,000 restaurants in hundreds of cities across the country, and they can also place […]

Foursquare v7.0 For iOS Gets A Complete Revamp
If you’re one of those people who like “checking-in” to every location they go to, then you probably are a Foursquare user. The service has been around for quite some time now, and it contributed a lot to the trend of checking-in to places. Back when Apple released iOS 7 in September, Foursquare released an updated app so that its visuals could better compliment those of Apple’s newest mobile OS […]

Foursquare Ads Launched
Ads are a vital source of revenue of online companies and services. We recently saw Pinterest announce its own ad offering; such endeavors allow these companies and services to be sustainable and grow more in the future. Foursquare has jumped into the fray too, today it announced the launch of Foursquare Ads, a self-serve tools that business owners can use to propel their businesses in front of people who’re nearby, […]

Foursquare Updates Android And iOS Apps With Real Time Recommendations And More
Foursquare has announced today that it is rolling out updated versions of its apps for Android and iOS that bring an updated look and feel as well as a simple feed which shows users what’s most relevant nearby. A major feature that the update brings, particularly for iPhone, is real time recommendations. The feature has already been available for select people on Android, and it is being rolled out to a “small […]

Microsoft Rumored To Purchase A Stake In Foursquare
With Facebook offering their own “check in” feature, and with Google adding Waze to Google Maps, Microsoft seems to be lagging behind somewhat. However according to a report from Bloomberg, perhaps Microsoft won’t be lagging behind for too long as the Redmond company is reportedly looking to purchase a stake in Foursquare. It does not appear to be a full on acquisition, but it is unknown as to how big […]

Foursquare For Windows 8 Now Official
When it comes to social networking apps, you could say that one of the most famous among them would be Foursquare, but that is also not to say that it is the most popular. Having already appeared on Windows Phone 8, here we are with word that it has finally made its way to the Windows 8 platform, which means Foursquare can now run on the Windows 8 PC and […]

Native Foursquare App For Tablets Hitting Windows 8 And Windows RT
The native Windows 8/RT app for Foursquare has been announced.