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FTC Thinks Antitrust Suit Against Qualcomm Should Not Be Dismissed
As you might have heard, Qualcomm is facing an antitrust lawsuit in the US that was brought about by the FTC. However shortly after the suit was filed, Qualcomm requested that the court dismiss it, claiming that the lawsuit had no factual allegations of anticompetitive harm to the company’s rivals.

FTC Sends Advertising Warnings To Instagram ‘Influencers’
Given how much time we spend on social media platforms like Instagram and considering how visual it is, it is not surprising that brands and companies are flocking to the platform and paying Instagrammers money to advertise their products. Dubbed “influencers”, this is pretty common especially amongst celebrities and professional athletes.

FTC Warns Of Fake Nintendo Switch Emulators Ads
Gaming emulators are kind of a grey area because it allows gamers to play games that might not have been designed for a particular device, which in turn is kind of like piracy since you didn’t pay for it. For example there are Game Boy emulators that lets players play Game Boy games on their PCs.

Qualcomm Wants FTC Antitrust Lawsuit Against Them Dismissed
Earlier this year it was revealed that over in the US, Qualcomm had been hit with a lawsuit by the FTC over alleged antitrust violations. The FTC’s lawsuit isn’t the first that the company has been hit with as previously they were also fined in South Korea, and as it stands Apple has a couple of lawsuits pending against them.


FTC Sues Qualcomm For Allegedly Forcing Apple To Use Its Chips
For the longest time ever, Apple has typically relied on Qualcomm’s chips for its iPhones. While Apple does have multiple suppliers for some components, there are some that they do work with exclusively, so this did not really come as a surprise. However the FTC has recently filed a lawsuit against Qualcomm (via Bloomberg) alleging monopolistic behavior.

AT&T To Refund $88 Million To 2.7 Million Customers
Sometimes when you check your bills, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by all the charges, some of which are charged to companies you’ve never heard of (usually the parent/holding company of a shop), or sometimes banks or carriers use certain codes that you’re unfamiliar with to identify certain services.

FTC Expands Investigation Into Android
According to a new report, the Federal Trade Commission has expanded its investigation into Android over concerns that Google is exploiting its dominant position in the smartphone market. Google may not be making phones that everybody is buying but it makes Android, the OS that powers majority of the smartphones being sold across the globe.

Amazon May Be Forced To Issue Refunds for In-App Purchases
A federal judge laid the blame squarely on Amazon today in a ruling, blaming it for the in-app purchases mistakenly made by kids. Today’s ruling merely blames Amazon for all of this but a subsequent order could force the company to issue refunds for all of those in-app purchases that were unknowingly made by kids. This case against Amazon was brought by the Federal Trade Commission.

App Developer Lumosity Hit With $2M Fine By The FTC
There is a good chance that you may have heard of or come across an app or two that claims if you play their game, you will improve your brain’s performance, or at least help keep you sharp and alert which might be an appealing prospect for the elderly or for those suffering from Alzheimer’s.Unfortunately it seems that most of these claims are untrue, at least for one developer that […]

FTC Orders Sprint To Pay $2.95m Over Failed Customer Notifications
Uh-oh, it looks like Sprint is in a spot of trouble. According to the FTC, it seems that the carrier has been hit with a fine of $2.95 million in civil penalties to settle charges levied against them. Basically what the FTC thinks that the carrier did wrong here was that they failed to inform some of their customers that they were being charged more.As there are some customers with […]

FTC Reportedly Looking Into Google Over Android
Android is probably one of the largest mobile operating systems right now, if not the largest. However its rise to the top also means that there are a lot of things about it that could potentially be investigated. For example right now according to a report from Bloomberg, the FTC is said to be looking into Google.The reason? Over its Android operating system and possibly a case of abuse. This […]

FTC Looking Into Apple For Possible Music Antitrust Violations
Last week Spotify started to send out emails to its users, informing them that they should subscribe to Spotify’s service via their website directly, as opposed to subscribing to it via the iTunes App Store. This is because the iTunes App Store charges a 30% cut on all in-app sales which includes subscriptions.This has resulted in Spotify charging $12.99 for their monthly service versus the $9.99 if you subscribed directly […]

FTC Successfully Goes After Fraudulent Kickstarter Campaign
Kickstarter is an amazing platform that allows inventors and innovators to sell their ideas to the public that might otherwise have been passed on by bigger companies. Sometimes these campaigns involve all sorts of amazing technology, which in some cases actually turns out to be a fraud. While Kickstarter does have measures in place to deal with this sort of thing, it looks like recently the FTC decided to get […]

FTC Fining Apps That Claim To Be Able To Detect Melanoma
Apps are handy and thanks to the increasing amount of sensors embedded in our phones, our apps are becoming a lot more useful at detecting and measuring all kinds of things, but to be able to detect cancer via an app? Is that even possible? As it turns out some app developers are making that claim, much to the annoyance of the FTC.The FTC has since brought up fines against […]

FTC Unhappy About Carriers Who Falsely Advertise Unlimited Data Plans
There are many carriers around the world, not just in the US, who advertises that they offer their customers unlimited data. To a certain extent that is true, but the catch is usually after you’ve exceed a particular amount of data, your speeds will be throttled, so while technically you get unlimited data, the slow speeds make it near impossible to use it at all.That being said over in the […]

FTC Chairwoman Expresses Concern Over Data Collection In Consumer Electronics
Your health tracker, your connected home devices, and even your cars with their smart infotainment systems all collect information on you, but we guess you already knew that and to a certain extent in the case of health trackers, you might even welcome it. However while you might be more than happy to let these devices track you, the FTC is a little skeptical.Speaking at CES 2015, FTC Chairwoman Edith […]

FTC Reportedly Seeking Apple's Assurance About Protecting Health Data
A recent study that we reported on yesterday revealed what kind of personal information do people consider to be sensitive. Coming in first place with the majority vote was social security numbers, followed by health and medication information. Well for those who agreed that health and personal medication is sensitive information, you will be pleased to learn that the FTC has taken great interest in protecting your privacy.According to a […]

FTC Sues AT&T Over Speed Throttling Of Its Unlimited Data Customers
Remember at one point in time Verizon said that they were planning on throttling the speeds of its data-heavy users who were on their grandfathered unlimited data plans? Unsurprisingly this did not sit well with the FCC, although in all fairness to Verizon they changed their minds at the very last minute, possibly avoiding the wrath and potential lawsuits in the process.AT&T on the other hand were obstinate in their […]

Google To Refund Consumers Minimum Of $19 Million For Unlawful Billing Of In-App Purchases
In-app purchases is one particularly lucrative business model when it comes to modern day smartphones and tablets. First of all, a product (most probably a game) will get you hooked on the premise of its gameplay, and before you know it, you have exhausted all options of moving to the next level simply because you do not want to add any more damage to your credit card. However, seeing the […]

FTC Alleges Amazon Billed Parents Millions For In-App Purchases By Kids
Apple struck a deal with the Federal Trade Commission earlier this year when the latter went after it for its in-app billing practices. The Cupertino company was fined $32.5 million by the FTC which used the money to offer refunds to those who had been billed for in-app purchases their kids made without their knowledge or consent. The Commission now has Amazon in its sights, and its filing against the company demands […]