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Blu Settles With FTC On Misleading Privacy Claims
Facebook Data Scandal Now Being Investigated By The FTC
FTC Thinks Antitrust Suit Against Qualcomm Should Not Be Dismissed
FTC Sends Advertising Warnings To Instagram ‘Influencers’
FTC Warns Of Fake Nintendo Switch Emulators Ads
Qualcomm Wants FTC Antitrust Lawsuit Against Them Dismissed
FTC Sues Qualcomm For Allegedly Forcing Apple To Use Its Chips
AT&T To Refund $88 Million To 2.7 Million Customers
FTC Expands Investigation Into Android
Amazon May Be Forced To Issue Refunds for In-App Purchases
App Developer Lumosity Hit With $2M Fine By The FTC
FTC Orders Sprint To Pay $2.95m Over Failed Customer Notifications
FTC Reportedly Looking Into Google Over Android
FTC Looking Into Apple For Possible Music Antitrust Violations
FTC Successfully Goes After Fraudulent Kickstarter Campaign
FTC Fining Apps That Claim To Be Able To Detect Melanoma
FTC Unhappy About Carriers Who Falsely Advertise Unlimited Data Plans
FTC Chairwoman Expresses Concern Over Data Collection In Consumer Electronics
FTC Reportedly Seeking Apple's Assurance About Protecting Health Data
FTC Sues AT&T Over Speed Throttling Of Its Unlimited Data Customers