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Senator Pushing FTC To Investigate Facebook's News Feed Experiment
You might have heard about an experiment that Facebook conducted a while ago that attempted to manipulate the feelings of its users. There has been a lot of controversy regarding it with Facebook’s very own COO, Sheryl Sandberg stepping forward to offer an explanation regarding the experiment.Apparently that wasn’t enough as the Electronic Privacy Information Center had asked the FTC to look into the matter, and now it looks like […]

FTC Receives Complaint Over Facebook's Emotion Manipulation Study
Facebook has been the subject of much criticism recently after it became known that back in 2012 the social network subjected some 700,000 users to an emotion manipulation study. Some users were only shown negative stories and some only positive to find out if this would have any affect on their own Facebook posts. Facebook says that this was done to research the behavior of its users and understand them better but […]

Facebook Oculus Deal Gets Regulatory Approval
On March 25th Facebook announced its intention to acquire Oculus VR Inc, a two-year-old company that built its virtual reality goggles on the back of a successful crowdfunding campaign. As is the case with any deal of this size, it had to jump through several regulatory hoops. The U.S. Federal Trade Commission announced today that it has granted approval to the Facebook Oculus deal, which means that the company can now […]

FTC Clears Facebook/WhatsApp Deal, Must Honor Privacy Obligations
Back in February it was announced that Facebook had agreed to buy WhatsApp for $19 billion. Privacy advocates raised their voice against the deal and even called upon the FTC to look into the deal. The U.S. Federal Trade Commission today signed off on the sale, clearing the way for Facebook to absorb the most widely used cross platform messaging service in the world. Though the FTC warned both companies […]


Apple 'Scrambling' To Meet FCC Deadline On In-App Purchases [Report]
Apple was criticized by the Federal Trade Commission for its in-app purchase policies, a complaint was lodged against Cupertino after many cases were reported in which kids had made thousands of dollars worth of in-app purchases without their parents even knowing. Apple’s policies were called into question, and the company chose to settle the complaint with the FTC. It was given until March 31st to make changes to the App […]

FTC Commissioner Disagrees With FTC's Decision To Punish Apple
In-app purchases are fine if you know what you’re doing and what you’re buying. However children might not necessarily know that they are spending money, or might not think that purchasing something at $0.99 100 times will amount to a lot of money, which is why Apple was recently ordered by the FTC to reimburse parents whose kids made accidental in-app purchases, with the refund expected to sit at a […]

Apple Settles FTC Complaint, To Pay $32.5 Million In Refunds
In-app purchases are a great way for developers to make money out of their apps, which only bring in money when they’re purchased. Some developers offer apps for free but limit functionality, requiring users to pay to unlock more features. Now adults might be able to pace themselves when it comes to in-app purchases, kids generally aren’t so responsible. Quite a few cases have been reported in the past when […]

FTC Scrutinizing Facebook's Proposed Privacy Policy Changes
Back in August Facebook proposed a number of changes to its privacy policy, they’ve been the cause of much criticism. Since then, six privacy groups have complained to the FTC that these proposed changes violate a 2011 settlement that the world’s largest social network had with the agency. One of the changes states that Facebook users give permission to the network to use their name, profile picture and other content […]

FTC Fines "Internet Marketer" $60,000 For Sending 20 Million Spam Texts
Henry Nolan Kelly, an “internet marketer” sent over 20 million text messages to U.S. consumers, telling them how they could receive a free iPhone and iPad. Several complaints were filed against him with the Federal Trade Commission, which has now fined him $60,950 for running a large text message based scam. Kelly included links in his texts that would require personal information or journey through an “elaborate process” that would […]

FTC Revises Child Online Privacy Protection Act, Now Includes Social Networks & Apps
New times require new rules. That is why the Federal Trade Commission is updating its decade-old rule surrounding children’s online privacy. This time, the FTC wants to include social networks and smartphone apps. The report comes after a complaint was made by the Center for Digital Democracy to ban Nickelodeon’s SpongeBob Diner Dash from Apple’s App Store for collecting email addresses from its very young players.

Consumer Watchdog appeals to the FTC to break up Google's business
Saying that Google is a big company might seem like an understatement – after all they own Android, one of the most popular smartphone platforms in the market at the moment, YouTube, Gmail, Google+ and let’s not forget their core competency, a search engine which is so popular that it has been used as a verb in everyday conversation. But could it be that Google is becoming too big and […]

FTC could sue Google and Motorola over abuse of standard-essential patents
It seems rather ironic that after Apple had offered to pay Motorola $1 for every iPhone to license Motorola’s standard-essential patents, that some of the FTC’s staff have suggested that the agency’s commissioners should sue Google over their abuse of standard-essential patents. Apparently the staff believe that Google and their recently acquired subsidiary, Motorola, have violated antitrust laws by trying to prevent their competitors from accessing said patents. In particular […]

FTC Weighs on Facial Recognition Data and Services
It’s not new that Facial Recognition does work: London had built an extensive security apparatus around that in recent years. There is also no question that the technology itself has become very reliable, but what’s new is that it has made its way to consumer products and service at a rate never seen before. Recently, Facebook has added facial recognition to automatically “tag” photos, which created more notifications, which ultimately […]

FTC shuts down telemarketing scammers posing as tech support
The FTC today froze the assets of 14 companies involved in a long-term scam. These companies, usually based in India, cold-called up English-speaking consumers posing as a representative of a major tech company, such as Microsoft, Symantec (makers of Norton Antivirus), and Dell. Using the credibility that they stole posing as representatives of a tech company, they told the marks that their PCs (usually Windows) were infected with nasty malware. […]

FTC declines to fine companies who sold 10000s of laptops with spyware preinstalled
Earlier today, we noted an FTC settlement which shows that seven rent-to-own business sold PCs with installed spyware that secretly collect consumer information. The software is designed by a possibly-defunct company called DesignerWare, and the FTC estimates that over 420,000 computers had included a utility called “Rental Agent,” which included a feature called “Detective Mode,” which not only included a keylogger but the ability to access the computer’s webcam. Creepy. This […]

Google could be fined $22.5 million for bypassing Safari privacy settings
Google has been in hot soup before due to issues of privacy, but its latest run in with the law seems to be pretty severe. A number of months ago, the search engine juggernaut was reportedly circumventing users’ privacy settings in Apple’s Safari web browsers by illegally sneaking cookies onto users’ computers. While these cookies gave users Google’s +1 button to recommend sites, it also allowed cookies from Google’s ad […]

W3 Innovations fined $50,000 by FTC for collecting children's info on their apps
The collection of user data is a sensitive issue as it raises all sorts of questions regarding privacy. It can be as innocent as requesting for an email address and right down to questionable when collecting and storing a user’s location without their knowledge. The FTC has recently slapped W3 Innovations with a $50,000 fine for the collection of data of  children from their apps without their knowledge.

FTC Drops Google Street View Inquiry
Google has been in some hot water after it collected some sensitive data while working on its Street View service. There is some good news for the search giant, though, as the Federal Trade Commission has dropped the investigation into the matter in the US. The FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection wrote Google a formal letter stating that it’s satisfied with Google’s actions to fix the situation and also appoint […]