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G-Form G90 Case Debuts
[CES 2013] G-Form has decided to use CES 2013 as the debut platform for its G90 case. Just what makes the G90 case so special? It seems that G-Form has finally perfected what they claim to be the “world’s first case to truly turn any smartphone or iPod touch into a sports action camera.” That is a pretty lofty claim, but then again, such a niche market segment does not […]

iPad survives drop thanks to G-Form
If you are a company like G-Form who prides your wares such as extreme electronics cases and athletic pads, what better way to advertise the toughness of your products with one of the hottest consumer electronics devices around? Apple’s iPad and iPad 2 have certainly caused ripples – nay, waves among the tablet using community for their beautiful and functional design, in addition to a phenomenal battery life, but what […]

G-Form enclosed iPad survives a 1,300 foot drop
G-Form has recently released a video where they showed off how tough their cases are, and it looks like they have taken it to a new extreme by dropping two iPads while skydiving, essentially making that a drop of about 1,300 feet. Since we’re here talking about it, it’s obvious that both iPads managed to survive the drop.

G-Form Extreme Edge launched
If you’re into dropping your iPad or tossing it around the room, you’re in luck because there’s a case just for that. In case you haven’t heard about G-Form before, it is a company that specializes in extreme sports padding equipment and has taken its talents to the tablet market to create protective cases for the iPad (and similarly-sized tablets). With extreme tests on video to show the effectiveness of […]


G-Form introduces new Extreme Portfolio iPad case
Only just last week we reported that G-Form had come out with the successor to their G-Form Extreme Sleeve iPad casing, the G-Form Extreme Sleeve 2. Despite it just being only a week since their last product announcement, G-Form has announced yet another iPad casing, this time in the form of the Extreme Portfolio iPad case.

G-Form Extreme Sleeve 2 for iPad released
Remember the G-Form Extreme Sleeve that gave the iPad the ability to withstand the force of a falling 12-pound bowling ball, or survive a 500-foot drop from the sky? Well, its creator, G-Form has announced an update to the original protective sleeve. Called the G-Form Extreme Sleeve 2, it has all the features of the original G-Form Extreme Sleeve, as well as an additional RPT (Reactive Protection Technology) edge layer […]

G-Form Extreme Sleeve protects your laptops as well
If you were previously impressed with the G-Form Extreme Sleeve and how it kept an iPad safe from a 12lb bowling ball, and a 500 foot drop off an airplane – you must’ve wondered to yourself, can it work for other devices as well? G-Form is here to tell you: yes it can. They’ve come up with a new G-Form Extreme Sleeve, and this time it’s wrapped around a 13″ […]

G-Form iPad Extreme Sleeve is one tough case
One of the main problems that everybody faces with technology today is how fragile it is. Go out in the streets, and you’ll be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t have some sort of protection for their devices. Be it a bumper case or a stick on screen protector – almost everybody is bound to have something keeping their gadgets safe. While most protection only saves your devices from […]