If you are a company like G-Form who prides your wares such as extreme electronics cases and athletic pads, what better way to advertise the toughness of your products with one of the hottest consumer electronics devices around? Apple’s iPad and iPad 2 have certainly caused ripples – nay, waves among the tablet using community for their beautiful and functional design, in addition to a phenomenal battery life, but what about their durability? This is where G-Form comes in, and in order to prove a point, they have decided to launch an iPad that is stashed away in the company’s 6oz Extreme Edge case, sending it straight into space and letting it free-fall back to Earth after that. Check out a video of that feat after the jump.

The iPad was lifted to more than 100,000 feet by a weather balloon, where it burst at altitude in order to release the iPad to free-fall to Earth. Surely your heart must have jumped a little when it crash landed on a rocky hillside somewhere in the Nevada countryside. What makes this particular drop all the more remarkable would be the iPad working just fine after that, thanks to the protection from the Extreme Edge case. Sending it to space and having it free fall was done for the “wow” factor, as G-Form could have easily settled for a far shorter height, where any height higher than that would not be an issue to the object as it will still reach terminal velocity after that.

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