G-Form iPad Extreme Sleeve

One of the main problems that everybody faces with technology today is how fragile it is. Go out in the streets, and you’ll be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t have some sort of protection for their devices. Be it a bumper case or a stick on screen protector – almost everybody is bound to have something keeping their gadgets safe. While most protection only saves your devices from scratches and bumps here and there, the folks over at G-Form believe you need something more than that. In case you haven’t heard of G-Form, they’re a company that specializes in protective gear for people who are into extreme sports – skateboarding, skiing, biking etc, and they’ve created some of the most popular elbow and knee guards available on the market. This time around, they’ve decided to bring their special G-Form protective gear over to the world of tablets and have come up with a product called the G-Form iPad Extreme Sleeve made from PORON XRD material. Any iPad stored within the sleeve is basically as safe as gold. While describing how tough the lightweight, durable case with words isn’t going to be enough, you can hit the break to watch a video of an 8lb bowling ball being dropped onto an iPad inside the case. Amazing stuff. The G-Form iPad Extreme Sleeve will be available beginning May 1, and you can pre-order yours today for $59.95.

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