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Original LG G Watch Will Not Get Android Wear 2.0
During Google I/O, the company announced the next major update to their Android Wear platform in the form of Android Wear 2.0, which from what we can tell is the platform’s biggest update so far, although that’s not really saying much since Android Wear hasn’t been around for that long, at least compared to Android.

LG G Watch, G Watch R & Watch Urbane To Rock With OTA Update
It looks like LG’s G Watch, G Watch R and Watch Urbane are going to get a brand new firmware update via the Over The Air (OTA) route in the coming days, and as we have already mentioned earlier, the LG G Watch R will end up as Wi-Fi capable with this update, empowering users of the wearable device to obtain notifications and other information on their wrists sans the […]

LG G Watch Doesn't Support Android Wear 5.1 Wi-Fi Feature
As we all know Android Wear 5.1 brings Wi-Fi support to compatible smartwatches, but there have been many assumptions about which devices wii have it first. Sadly, LG just confirmed that the G Watch will not receive the Wi-Fi feature even when the new update is rolled out in the few weeks.

LG G Watch Receives Android Wear Update That Adds Offline Music Support
A few weeks back Google detailed the next major update for Android Wear, its relatively new platform for wearable devices. The update is going to add a couple of new features to Android Wear, including but not limited to the ability to play music offline. Countless reports from G Watch owners coming in today reveal that the Android Wear 4.4W.2 update has been rolled out and this smartwatch is the […]


AT&T LG G Flex Software Update Released
AT&T has released a software update for LG’s flexible smartphone which was released last year. Before LG G Flex fans get all excited, let me point out that this update doesn’t bump up the core Android OS version from 4.4.2 to 4.4.2. The smartphone was updated to the former back in April and it has stayed at Android 4.4.2 since then. The latest software update has more to do with fixes, […]

The Moduul Is A Classy Dock For The LG G Watch
Given that smartwatches are relatively new, charging methods for the watches are pretty standard and nothing to shout about. However a design firm out of Sydney, Australia by the name of Aerios has decided that perhaps it’s time to jazz things up a bit. They have recently unveiled a smartwatch charging dock dubbed the Moduul that has been designed for the LG G Watch in mind.The dock will charge your […]

LG G Watch Charging Cradle Now Available On Google Play
One of the downside to buying products of a new category or type is that usually there aren’t that many accessories to go along with it at the start. For example one of the frustrations that Android Wear owners had with their products is that it did not seem possible for them to purchase replacement chargers.This meant that if they were to break their charger, they’d be pretty much done […]

LG Tackles G Watch Corrosion Complaints With Software Update
A few days back many LG G Watch owners noticed that they received a new software update which bumped up the build number from KMV78V to KMV78Y. The update didn’t come with a changelog so it was difficult to tell exactly what changes were brought by the new update. Someone was able to get through to an LG representative who provided an explanation for the update during an online chat, the […]

Android Wear Gets Its First App Launcher
Android Wear is Google’s nascent platform for wearable devices. Even though it carries the moniker of Google’s popular mobile platform its not exactly a port, Android Wear was built from the ground up so it doesn’t really emulate the features one would normally find on Android smartphones and tablets. One such feature is the app launcher. Right now users either have to speak out the name of the app they wish to […]

First Custom Android Wear ROM Hits The LG G Watch
The LG G Watch has certainly garnered its fair share of attention in recent times, and we do realize that it also ranks pretty high on the repairability scale according to the folks over at iFixit. Well, what other kinds of news can the LG G Watch muster this time around? It has already received the first customer Android Wear ROM, and boy did it not take too long for […]

iFixit Takes A Look At LG G Watch
The LG G Watch has launched worldwide over the weekend, which means anyone who is curious enough to pick up this Android Wear powered device will be able to do so at the right price, of course. Just how complicated can this digital timepiece of a smartwatch be? The good folks over at iFixit decided to give it a go, and taken it apart to arrive at a repairability rating […]

LG G Watch Available Worldwide
Wearable technology seems to be all the rage these days, and here we are with the LG G Watch that has made its fair share of headlines recently, including pre-orders for the AT&T version to kick off tomorrow, orders having begun shipping, not to mention whispers of the LG G Watch headed for Verizon as well. Folks living in the U.S. do not seem to be the only ones on […]

AT&T LG G3 And G Watch Pre-Orders Start Tomorrow
One of the biggest mobile carriers in the U.S. just confirmed the launch date for one of the most highly anticipated smartphone of the summer. AT&T LG G3 pre-orders will go live tomorrow, the carrier has confirmed today. It will also be offering the LG G Watch, an Android Wear based smartwatch that was formally announced at Google I/O 2014 last month. The smartwatch can also be pre-ordered starting tomorrow.

LG G Watch Pre-Orders Have Begun Shipping
Just last week we reported that LG had put the LG G Watch up for pre-order on Google Play. According to the listing, it has been estimated to begin shipping on the 3rd of July, and sure enough it has. According to reports from the Android Central forums, it seems that there are some users who claim to have received the notification that their device has been shipped.However despite the […]

LG G Watch Could Be Headed To Verizon As Well
As you might have heard by now, the LG G Watch is currently up for pre-order via Google Play. The watch is expected to ship in July but if you were looking for an alternate place to purchase the device, word on the street has it that the LG G Watch could soon be sold by Verizon as well. This is according to a recent post by @evleaks who claims […]

LG G Watch, Samsung Gear Live Pre-Orders Go Live On Google Play
During Google I/O earlier today, Google mentioned that both the LG G Watch and the Samsung Gear Live would be available from the Google Play Store later today, and sure enough they are. Both devices have gone live on the Google Play Store and are available for pre-order, although both devices will be shipped at different times.According to the Play Store listing, the LG G Watch will be priced at […]

LG Watch Will Be Sold By AT&T
We have known about the LG G Watch for quite a few months now. It was teased back when Google unveiled its Android Wear platform. Today at its I/O 2014 conference Google talked at length about Android Wear. It also announced that the LG G Watch will be available for pre-order starting today. On the heels of that announcement AT&T has pushed out a release, saying that it is one of […]

LG G Watch, Samsung Gear Live Available From Google Play Today, Moto 360 In The Summer
[Google I/O 2014] So we had heard the rumors that Samsung could unveil their own Android Wear device at Google I/O later today, and sure enough they have. While talking about Android Wear on stage, it was mentioned that the Samsung Gear Live would be available for order via the Google Play Store later today.In addition to the Samsung Gear Live, Google also announced that the LG G Watch would […]

Online Retailer Opens LG G Watch Pre-Orders For $255
Several months ago, the LG G Watch was shown off when Google unveiled Android Wear. However the question remains and that is when can users expect to get their hands on it? Well a previous rumor suggested that the device could be released on the 7th of July and it looks like that rumor could be true.

LG G Watch Seen in The Flesh
LG was one of the two manufacturers who immediately confirmed after Google’s announcement of Android Wear that they will make a smartwatch based on the new platform. The LG G Watch is expected to be launched at this year’s I/O conference and the company is expected to talk about it in detail at the event. While LG has already teased its new smartwatch quite a bit we’ve only rarely seen it […]