LG-G-Watch-cradle-Play-Store-630x319One of the downside to buying products of a new category or type is that usually there aren’t that many accessories to go along with it at the start. For example one of the frustrations that Android Wear owners had with their products is that it did not seem possible for them to purchase replacement chargers.

This meant that if they were to break their charger, they’d be pretty much done for. Well the good news is that if you’re the owner of an LG G Watch you will be pleased to learn that LG has since started selling a replacement charger on the Google Play Store where it will be priced at $20. It does seem a little steep but then again if you wanted piece of mind, it will cost you $20.

Considering that the Samsung Gear Live uses a different method of charging, safe to say that the LG G Watch cradle will not work with the Gear Live, and vice versa. We’re not sure when Samsung will be making their charger available from Google Play, but for now LG users are in luck.

In the meantime we have to wonder about the Moto 360. Last we heard, the Moto 360 apparently relies on wireless charging so hopefully there won’t be any chargers to break or pogo pins to snap!

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