g-watch-ifixitThe LG G Watch has launched worldwide over the weekend, which means anyone who is curious enough to pick up this Android Wear powered device will be able to do so at the right price, of course. Just how complicated can this digital timepiece of a smartwatch be? The good folks over at iFixit decided to give it a go, and taken it apart to arrive at a repairability rating that leans rather favorably to the device.

If your LG G Watch ever gets into some sort of issue or problem, you might want to even give it a go at repairing the smartwatch yourself, assuming you have the technical skills to go along with the territory, of course. Opening up the G Watch is a snap, and once that is done, you will more or less have gained access to just about the rest of the components within. In fact, the LG G Watch is considered to be so easily repairable, that iFixit has actually attached a repairability score of 9 out of 10, which is impressive to say the least.

Regardless, here is hoping that your LG G Watch would not suffer from any kind of malfunction issues throughout the course of your ownership.

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