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Samsung Will Have A New Launch Date For The Galaxy Fold Soon
As you might have heard, Samsung recently announced the delay of their Galaxy Fold handset. This was following a variety of reports of durability issues which forced Samsung to recall the review units that were sent out. For a while, it also sounded like the company still had no new launch date in sight.

Samsung Is Asking Customers If They Wish To Cancel Their Galaxy Fold Orders
Samsung was expected to launch their Galaxy Fold foldable smartphone, but due to reports of early review units running into durability issues, the company decided to delay the launch of the smartphone. Samsung has yet to officially confirm when the phones are expected to be ready for shipment, but in the meantime, it seems that they are allowing customers to cancel their orders.

Samsung Is Now Recalling All Early Review Units Of The Galaxy Fold
As some of you might have heard, Samsung ran into some issues with the early review units of the Galaxy Fold that they sent out to some social media influencers and tech publications. The issue, for those unfamiliar, was that the display was “failing” on some users due to them peeling off the protective layer on the screen, which was initially thought to be just a regular screen protector.

Samsung Officially Delays The Launch Of The Galaxy Fold
Yesterday we had reported that Samsung had apparently delayed its launch event for the Galaxy Fold in China. It was speculated that it could be due to the various issues with the handset that early reviewers had encountered. Unfortunately, if you were one of those who were hoping to get their hands on the Galaxy Fold at launch, you might be disappointed to learn that it has been officially delayed.


Watch The Samsung Galaxy Fold Get Folded 1,000 Times In 20 Minutes
Many are no doubt wondering about the durability of the Samsung Galaxy Fold. This is because foldable phones are a unique piece of technology and repeated foldings of a handset’s display sounds like it could eventually lead to breakage. Plus there have been reports of the Samsung Galaxy Fold’s display running into issues in as little time as two days.

Samsung Galaxy Fold Launch In China Might Have Been Postponed Due To Issues
As some of you might have heard, the Samsung Galaxy Fold has run into some issues with its early review units where reviewers have experienced some problems with its display. It was definitely not a good start for the company, especially for a phone that costs close to $2,000. Now it looks like Samsung could have delayed the phone to address those problems.

Samsung Officially Responds To Galaxy Fold Screen Issues
According to a recent report, it was revealed that Samsung had sent out early review units of the Galaxy Fold to popular publications and YouTubers. Unfortunately, the displays on those units sent out started to run into problems where they failed pretty early on in their reviews. Samsung has since issued a statement addressing some of those problems.

Early Samsung Galaxy Fold Review Units Are Already Failing
The Samsung Galaxy Fold foldable smartphone will be launching soon for consumers, but in the meantime, Samsung has started to send out review units to tech reviewers for them to get an experience with the handset and form their first impressions. Unfortunately, it appears that things aren’t going as planned.

Samsung Galaxy Fold Will Be Available At T-Mobile April 25
Are foldable smartphones going to be the next big mobile trend? We suppose that remains to be seen, but we should find out soon enough as Samsung has plans to launch their foldable smartphone soon. In fact, if you are interested in being an early adopter, T-Mobile has announced that they will start selling the Samsung Galaxy Fold later this month.

Samsung Galaxy Fold Pre-Orders Will Kick Off April 26
The Samsung Galaxy Fold is an interesting device and seems like it has the potential to usher in a new era of smartphone design and functionality. However while it does hold potential, it is still a bit “out there”, not to mention its asking price of $1,980 puts the phone well out of the reach of many customers.

Leaked Samsung Galaxy Fold Video Shows Off A Very Obvious Crease
Samsung has been very secretive with their Galaxy Fold smartphone. They officially unveiled it at their Unpacked event in February, but even then the phone was kept behind a glass and no one was allowed to touch it. Now thanks to a recently leaked video, it seems that someone had managed to get their hands on the handset and we have to say that we’re not that impressed.

Samsung Galaxy Fold Owners Could Be Given Free Display Replacements
The Samsung Galaxy Fold is priced at a whopping $1,980. This is by no means cheap for a device that has yet to be fully tested in the market and whose demand is still unclear, which means that Samsung is certainly asking for a lot, in terms of trust and money, from their customers.

LEGO Fold Cashes In On The Foldable Smartphone Hype
There has been a lot of talk about foldable smartphones over the past couple of weeks. Samsung led with the announcements when it unveiled the Galaxy Fold on February 20th ahead of MWC 2019 in Barcelona the following week. LEGO has humorously decided to cash in on this hype for the “LEGO Fold,” which isn’t actually a foldable smartphone, it’s a Pop-Up Book set.

Corning Is Developing Flexible Glass For Foldable Displays
You’d want the displays on foldable smartphones to be robust because one can only imagine what the repair cost on those screens would be. Corning has a long history of providing manufacturers with durable cover glass under its Gorilla Glass brand. The company has now revealed that it’s developing a bendable version of glass which will be well suited for smartphones with foldable displays.

Samsung Galaxy Fold Could Come To Verizon And Sprint
When the Samsung Galaxy Fold was officially announced, it was revealed in the press release that the phone would be coming to AT&T and T-Mobile, which meant that Verizon and Sprint were potentially left out of the loop. However thanks to digging by XDA developer deadman96385, perhaps Verizon and Sprint customers can expect the phone as well.

Huawei Didn't Opt For A Galaxy Fold-Like Design Because It's 'Not Good'
Huawei and Samsung both showcased their foldable smartphones at the Mobile World Congress 2019 in Barcelona earlier this week, the Huawei Mate X and Galaxy Fold respectively. Both are fundamentally different in terms of design. Richard Yu, the CEO of Huawei’s mobile business, has said that the company had a prototype of a foldable device with a design similar to that of the Galaxy Fold but scrapped it because it […]

Samsung Galaxy Fold Will Be Limited In Supply
One of the rumors we had been hearing about the Samsung Galaxy Fold ahead of its launch was that it could be a limited run device where Samsung might only be looking to produce as many as 100,000 units. It turns out that the rumors were true, according to a report from The Verge who cites Kate Beaumont, director of product, services, and commercial strategy at Samsung UK.

Samsung Explains Why The Galaxy Fold Display Folds Inwards
One of the differences between the Samsung Galaxy Fold and the Huawei Mate X foldable phone is that Samsung’s display folds inwards, while Huawei’s folds outwards. During a recent interview with The Verge, Samsung explained why they chose to have the Galaxy Fold’s display fold inwards instead of out.

Samsung Releases Video Detailing The Galaxy Fold
Samsung finally unveiled its foldable smartphone at its Galaxy S10 launch event last week. The device is called the Galaxy Fold and it’s going to be out in April. The company did spend a considerable amount of time talking about this device during the launch event but it has now put up a new video on YouTube which details the Galaxy Fold. It provides additional information about the durability of […]