The Samsung Galaxy Fold foldable smartphone will be launching soon for consumers, but in the meantime, Samsung has started to send out review units to tech reviewers for them to get an experience with the handset and form their first impressions. Unfortunately, it appears that things aren’t going as planned.

According to tweets by Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, Steve Kovach of CNBC, Marques Brownlee (also known as MKBHD), and Dieter Bohn of The Verge, the screens of their phones have started to fail on them. The problems are varied but they all stem from the same component: the display of the phone itself.

In the case of Gurman and Brownlee, the protective layer on their screens has started to peel off by itself and seems to have damaged the display in the process. Kovach shared a video on Twitter which shows his screen fritzing out and flickering multiple times. Bohn, on the other hand, has noticed a bulge in the screen which could have been the result of the smartphone’s hinge pressing against the fold of the display.

This is obviously very bad news for Samsung, especially if they are hoping to convince customers to fork out a whopping $2,000 for the device. We’re not sure if these are early production units sent out to review, or if these are the final production models, but either way Samsung definitely needs to QC their QC and hopefully fix this before they start shipping them out to customers.

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