Samsung Galaxy Fold Review: 28 Days LaterEditor's Pick
The Galaxy Fold is now available in the U.S, shortly after selling out in Korea during its initial debut.It brings a new smartphone experience centered on what Samsung calls “a new dawn in display technology.” The company pitches the Fold as being “phone and tablet” in one device.

Samsung Galaxy Fold Premier Service Goes Live In The US
One of the ways that Samsung wanted the Galaxy Fold to stand out from the competition wasn’t just based on hardware, but also the after sales service where the company planned to offer a concierge-like service for customers. Given that the phone is priced at an eye-watering $2,000, we imagine that customers probably won’t be satisfied with just the hardware alone.

New Report Of Samsung Galaxy Fold Quality Issues
A couple of weeks ago, it was reported that after a day of using the Samsung Galaxy Fold, the display of the device started to exhibit signs of damage. Now it looks like less than a month of the phone being announced, new quality issues have surfaced, this time in the form of the logo of the phone literally peeling off.

Samsung Galaxy Fold Display Damaged After A Day’s Use
The Samsung Galaxy Fold was initially supposed to launch earlier this year, but due to durability and build issues, Samsung recalled the handset to try and fix some of its weak points. The handset is expected to be released in the US tomorrow but it seems that at least one of the review units have already been damaged.


Samsung’s Next Galaxy Fold Could Be Available Worldwide
It seems that the early rumors about the Samsung Galaxy Fold being a limited run device is right. This is because so far, only a handful of countries around the world, like South Korea and the US, seem to be getting the phone. This is completely understandable as Samsung would probably like to test the market before committing more resources to the production, which we imagine probably isn’t cheap given […]

Samsung Will Let Galaxy Fold Owners Replace Their Screens Once For $149
The Samsung Galaxy Fold will be officially making its way to the US on the 27th of September. Now, the phone is pretty expensive and comes with all kinds of warning labels to users telling them how to take care of the phone. However, in the event that you do ruin the screen, it seems that you will be able to replace it, although it will cost you less than […]

Samsung Galaxy Fold Will Be Making Its Way To The US September 27
It has been a couple of weeks since the Samsung Galaxy Fold was relaunched. However, if you haven’t been following the news, the Galaxy Fold’s relaunch was only for the South Korean market. The good news for our readers stateside is that if you were looking forward to getting your hands on the phone, you’ll only have to wait a few more days.

Samsung Galaxy Fold Has Already Sold Out In South Korea
The other day, Samsung officially announced that their foldable smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy Fold, will be relaunched and available for purchase in South Korea on the 6th of September. There is some skepticism surrounding the handset due to its asking price, but it turns out that there are a lot of eager early adopters.

Samsung Galaxy Fold Will Finally Be Released On September 6
Samsung had previously confirmed that the Galaxy Fold would be making its return in September. The company stopped short of actually saying when, but now in a new announcement from Samsung, they have confirmed that the Galaxy Fold will be officially released on the 6th of September.

Samsung Galaxy Fold Will Be Making Its Return This September
If you’re looking to get in on foldable smartphones, you’ll be very pleased to learn that Samsung has officially confirmed that the Galaxy Fold will be making its return in September. For those who are learning about this for the first time, the phone was supposed to be launched earlier, but it was ultimately delayed due to issues with the handset’s durability and build quality.

AT&T Has Cancelled All Galaxy Fold Pre-Orders
Samsung’s foldable phone, the Galaxy Fold, was meant to be a celebration of how far we’ve come along in terms of technological development. Unfortunately, it seems to be struggling to get off the ground. To make matters worse, it seems that AT&T has sent out emails to its Galaxy Fold customers informing them that their pre-orders have since been cancelled.

Samsung Galaxy Fold Delay Might Be Longer Than Expected
By now, many have heard that the Samsung Galaxy Fold has been officially delayed in order for Samsung to fix the durability issues that were found with the phone. It was expected that the delay wouldn’t take that long, but now according to reports from Korean media outlets, there is a chance it might take longer than we had previously expected.

Best Buy Has Cancelled All Samsung Galaxy Fold Pre-Orders
Following the issues in early review units of the Samsung Galaxy Fold, the company decided to recall the review units and also promised that they would be making changes to improve on the durability of the handset. Unfortunately, Samsung did not state when the improved models will be released, but it seems that it might not be anytime soon.

This Is How Samsung Is Improving The Galaxy Fold
When Samsung sent out the Galaxy Fold to reviewers for review, it seems that they did not teach these reviewers how to handle the phone properly, leading to some of them damaging their devices. To Samsung’s credit, the company took responsibility for it and recalled those review units, vowing to make improvements so that they would be more durable.