Leaked Verizon Roadmap Reveals Launch Date For Samsung Galaxy Note 10

If you’re looking forward to some of the flagship smartphones that are expected to launch in the later part of the year, then you might want to mark your calendars because thanks to a leaked Verizon roadmap, we have an idea of when the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 could launch.

Fresh Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Renders Leaked

Many are no doubt highly-anticipating the release of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 which is set for a launch later in the year. As to what the phone might look like, we have seen some concept renders whipped up in the past, but now thanks to @OnLeaks and 91mobiles, this could be our first look as to what the upcoming handset could look like.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Could Be The Company’s Biggest Redesign To Date

For years, Samsung hasn’t really done much in terms of redesigning its Galaxy flagship smartphones. Sure, each model does look different from the previous generation, but not necessarily in a huge or obvious way. Instead, Samsung has opted to make these design changes in a smaller and more subtle manner.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Could Come With A Whopping 64MP Camera Sensor

According to recent rumors, it has been suggested that the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 could be launched with a quad camera setup. This will make the phone similar in terms of a camera setup to the 5G version of the Samsung Galaxy S10. Now it seems that we might have more clues as to what kind of camera the phone could be packing.


Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Expected To Feature More Pronounced Curves

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will be launching in the later part of the year and for the most part, many seem to expect the Note 10 to not look too different from the Note 9 in 2018. That’s not surprising because for the most part, Samsung’s design language in the past few years has mostly been about refining the process rather than introduce new ones.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Could Sport 4,500mAh Battery

While we’re sure many are more than happy to welcome fancy bleeding-edge tech in their smartphones, we also wish that companies would make more effort in improving on older tech as well, such as the battery on our smartphones where till this date, most of the time our phones don’t last for more than a day.

Verizon’s CEO Confirms Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Will Have 5G

Earlier this year, Samsung launched their Galaxy S10 handset in which one of the models came with support for 5G. That was Samsung’s first 5G smartphone and we doubt that it will be their last. At the same time, we expect that 5G availability in smartphones won’t be so common out of the gate.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Concept Renders Look Beautiful

This year, not only would Samsung have launched the Galaxy S10, but they are also expected to launch the Galaxy Note 10 which would take place in the later part of the year. No one knows what the phone could look like at the moment, but in a video uploaded by Concept Creator, he has put together renders of what he thinks the phone might look like.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Could Be The Company’s First Button-less Phone

Samsung has been sort of playing it safe with the design of their smartphones (save for the Galaxy Fold which was actually a rather bold move). However with the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 10, the company could be making some changes which could potentially see the removal of all physical buttons.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Will Feature Four Cameras

At MWC 2019, Samsung took the wraps off the Galaxy S10 5G in which one of the main differences between the 5G variant and the other Galaxy S10 models (besides the 5G connectivity) is that it will feature a quad-camera setup on the back. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Samsung use four cameras on the back. That honor previously went to the Samsung Galaxy A9.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Could Sport 6.66-inch Display

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 was launched not too long ago and assuming that Samsung’s plans aren’t changing, it’s pretty much a guarantee that come 2019 we can expect to see the Galaxy Note 10, the tenth handset in the Galaxy Note lineup which is not only a remarkable feat, but could also come with the series’ largest display to date.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Could Focus On S Pen Improvements

The S Pen is basically one of the unique features of Samsung’s Galaxy Note series. While the Galaxy S series has been seeing an increase in display size which used to be one of the Note series’ selling points, the S Pen and the features it affords users is one of the handset’s main draws.