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Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite, Galaxy Note 10 Lite Announced
According to the rumors, Samsung is said to be working on “Lite” versions of its Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Note 10 series. It turns out the rumors were true because Samsung has since officially announced both the Galaxy S10 Lite and the Galaxy Note 10 Lite, both of which will be priced lower and more affordably than its “regular” counterparts.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite Revealed In Leaked Images
Several months ago, Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Note 10. However, if the rumors are to be believed, the company might actually have a newer model in the works in the form of the Galaxy Note 10 Lite. As the name suggests, this could be a less powerful version of the Note 10, which could also hint at a lower price tag.

iPhone 11 Pro Max VS Galaxy Note 10+ In Battery Test
One of the new features that got everyone pretty excited about when the iPhone 11 smartphones were announced, was the promise of battery life that would last hours longer than the previous gen iPhones. Many thought it was marketing hyperbole, but based on the reviews we’ve read so far, it seems that Apple has indeed delivered what they promised.

Update Brings Note 10 Features To The Samsung Galaxy S10
If you think that the only difference between the Samsung Galaxy S10 and the Note 10 would be the S Pen, think again. There are some minor hardware differences, but there are also some differences in the software that help to set them apart from each other. Naturally, this means that there will be some features that some Galaxy S10 users will be missing, and vice versa.


Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ VS iPhone XS Max In Speed Test
The Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ is the latest and greatest smartphone that the Korean tech giant has to offer now. It features the latest hardware like the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chipset and 12GB of RAM. So the question is, how will it fare in terms of speed when pitting it against the iPhone XS Max, a phone that has mostly dominated the speed tests to date.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Camera ReviewEditor's Pick
The Galaxy Note 10 represent’s Samsung’s most powerful handset of 2019, and as such, potential buyers expect the best in terms of camera performance. We ran some side by side tests with the Galaxy S10+ camera, which we previously reviewed in-depth, along with other phones such as the iPhone Xs Max and the Huawei P30 Pro for high-stakes performance comparison.

iPhone 11 Could Use Same OLED Materials As The Samsung Galaxy Note 10
If there is one thing that Samsung does really well, it would be its displays in which they generally come off as looking very vibrant with nice deep and rich colors. The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is no exception and if you like what you see, you might be interested to learn that the upcoming iPhone 11 could potentially come with similar display tech.

Samsung Quietly Walks-Back Its Ads Making Fun Of The iPhone’s Lack Of A Headphone Port
When Apple first announced plans to kill off the headphone jack, many made fun of them, although to be fair, Apple did give them a fair bit of ammunition by proclaiming that their decision was a brave one. One of the companies that mocked Apple relentlessly over the years was Samsung, who put out ad after ad mocking the iPhone’s lack of a headphone jack.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10: Our First Impressions + Analysis
Samsung Just Launched the Galaxy Note 10, the high-end smartphone that should be the culmination of the 2019 line-up. We took a close look at it, and we can share our first impressions and analysis of the line-up and the technological implications on how it affects your user experience.

Samsung Accidentally Confirms The Galaxy Note 10+ On Its Website
When it comes to Samsung’s Galaxy Note series of smartphones, the company typically launches on variant of the phone, unlike the Galaxy S series which typically comes in normal and Plus models. However, this year, the rumors are claiming that Samsung could bring a Plus version to its Note series, and it looks like it has been confirmed.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Reservations Are Now Live
The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will be officially launched on the 7th of August. If the handset intrigues you and you wouldn’t mind getting it as your next smartphone, then you might be interested to learn that Samsung has recently opened up the Note 10 for reservations, a few weeks ahead of its launch.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Spotted Running Exynos 9825 Chipset
The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will be launched next month and for the most part, it is largely assumed that it could come in two variants where one will be powered by a Qualcomm chipset, and the other will be powered by a Samsung Exynos chipset. Thanks to recent benchmarks, we have an idea of what to expect.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Could Come With An IR Blaster
Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10 is expected to be officially announced next month, but for those who are eagerly-anticipating the handset, additional leaks have revealed a new feature that will be headed to the phone. If the reports are to be believed, it has been suggested that the Note 10 could come with its own IR blaster.

Samsung Could Unveil New In-Ear Noise-Cancelling Headphones Alongside The Note 10
Samsung is no stranger to audio products as in the past, we have seen the company launch a variety of headphones and speakers. However, it seems that the company could have a new pair of headphones in the works that could be debuting alongside the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 10.

New Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Case Renders Confirms Missing Headphone Jack
One of the trends we’re seeing these days in terms of smartphone design is the removal of the 3.5mm headphone jack. This headphone jack been more or less the norm/standard since the early days of mobile phones, so as you can imagine it was quite disconcerting when companies started to remove the port in favor of Bluetooth, Lightning, or USB-C.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Officially Set For August 7 Unveiling
If you’re excited to get your hands on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10, then you’ll be pleased to learn that Samsung has officially confirmed that the Note 10 will be announced on the 7th of August. If you’re wondering why that date sounds familiar, it is because it was previously reported that a leaked roadmap had indicated that the launch date could be around August.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Could Have A 3-Stage Variable Aperture System
As far as smartphone hardware goes, it feels like it has plateaued, which is why many companies are now focusing more on their cameras in which quite a lot of advancements are still being made today. In fact, it seems that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 10 could be a smartphone to look forward to if you enjoy mobile photography.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Announcement Could Take Place August 7
A recently-leaked roadmap for Verizon has revealed that the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 could be launching in August. Now according to a report from CNET, it seems that we now have a more specific date to look forward to as the publication claims to have heard from their sources that the Note 10 could actually launch on the 7th of August.

Leaked Verizon Roadmap Reveals Launch Date For Samsung Galaxy Note 10
If you’re looking forward to some of the flagship smartphones that are expected to launch in the later part of the year, then you might want to mark your calendars because thanks to a leaked Verizon roadmap, we have an idea of when the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 could launch.

Fresh Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Renders Leaked
Many are no doubt highly-anticipating the release of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 which is set for a launch later in the year. As to what the phone might look like, we have seen some concept renders whipped up in the past, but now thanks to @OnLeaks and 91mobiles, this could be our first look as to what the upcoming handset could look like.