The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will be officially launched on the 7th of August. If the handset intrigues you and you wouldn’t mind getting it as your next smartphone, then you might be interested to learn that Samsung has recently opened up the Note 10 for reservations, a few weeks ahead of its launch.

We should point out that this is only a reservation for the phone and not a pre-order. This means that there will be no payments made, but rather this is just a way for customers to express interest in the handset and maybe reserve it so that they can pre-order it when it does eventually come available.

However, there are some benefits to putting your name down. Samsung has offered customers a $50 discount if they were to put their name down by the 7th of August. They will also be offering up to $600 in trade-in value towards the Note 10, but this will largely depend on the phone you plan on trading in and also its condition.

There is no word on when the phone will be released, but typically we’ve seen Samsung launch it a few weeks after its announcement, so there’s a good chance it will most likely be arriving later in August, or at the latest, early September. Those who are interested can head on over to Samsung’s website to make their reservations.

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