Panasonic Eluga Power announced, possible Optimus Vu and Galaxy Note competitor

A little over a week ago, we reported on the Panasonic Eluga, an Android handset that marked the Japanese company’s re-entry into the European market. However it was later reported that apart from the Eluga, Panasonic had plans for a more high-end version of the Eluga, a “premium” model so to speak, and that model has been revealed to be the Panasonic Eluga Power.

Angry Birds to launch with Samsung Galaxy Note

We know that the Angry Birds franchise is going to go to space, and not only that, they’re about to do it in style. Samsung has teamed up with Rovio for the upcoming Angry Birds Space game launch, and since the bunch of upset avian friends are preparing themselves to go on a rescue mission in a hostile environment with extremely low gravity, it goes without saying they would need […]

Samsung brings the Galaxy Note challenge to the streets

Recently, Microsoft has been challenging non-Windows Phone users to a bunch of different speed tests to show off how efficient their operating system is. Well, now it looks like Samsung has decided to take this idea to the streets in its latest advertisement for the Galaxy Note. Pitting the Android device against its number competitor – the iPhone, they made use of the S Pen stylus to complete tasks that […]

Verizon customers are petitioning for the Samsung Galaxy Note

The Samsung Galaxy Note has been launched on AT&T’s network, much to the jealousy of the other carriers, Verizon subscribers in general who might have fallen prey to the rumors that the carrier would be receiving a Galaxy Note of their own, which according to the rumors, would see itself rebranded as the Samsung Galaxy Journal. Unfortunately those rumors fell through and Verizon users are still slightly sore about that, […]


Samsung Galaxy Note Review

The Samsung Galaxy Note introduces a new class of handset which features a huge 5.3” display. Internally, we call this a “fablet”, but the Galaxy Note has truly been designed as a handet. As such it is pocketable (yes, even in jeans pants), can make calls and pretty much acts like a big Galaxy S2 – we think that this is a parallel that is the easy way to think […]

Samsung Galaxy Note rooted, overclock now possible

The Samsung Galaxy Note treads a land that few have dared, and it seems to be succeeding – count it down as sheer luck, great timing, the right market conditions, or all of it, you cannot write the Galaxy Note off. Slated to hit retail store shelves in the US tomorrow, developers have already succeeded in rooting the device – that is, allowing ordinary folk like you and I access […]

Samsung Galaxy Note leaked Ice Cream Sandwich ROM shown off on video

The first Ice Cream Sandwich ROM for the Samsung Galaxy Note recently leaked online and if you were wondering what it’s like, look no further. Thanks to the folks over at GSMArena, you no longer have to flash the ROM to your own Galaxy Note – they installed the update on a Galaxy Note they had lying around and shot a preview video showing off the update. According to them, […]

LG Optimus Vu shows up next to a Samsung Galaxy Note

Last week, a video of the LG Optimus Vu made its way online and not long after a photograph of the phone surfaced as well. In the photograph, we can see the 5″ LG Optimus Vu next to Samsung’s 5.3″ Galaxy Note. Even though LG’s big smartphone only has a 5″ display, it is shorter but wider than the Galaxy Note due to its 4:3 aspect ratio (the Galaxy Note […]

Samsung Galaxy Note comes in Berry Pink

The Samsung Galaxy Note resides in no (wo)man’s land in terms of it size – 5.3″ is definitely extremely generous for a smartphone, and yet it is not quite in tablet territory just yet. Well, Samsung expects the Galaxy Note to cater to those who tote their devices around in a handbag (for the ladies), as guys will proudly carry it in their hands. The ladies might feel as though […]

Eldar Murtazin: Galaxy S2 and Galaxy Note gets Ice Cream Sandwich on March 1

Eldar Murtazin has revealed over at his Twitter account that Google will be rolling out the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update for the Samsung Galaxy S2 and Galaxy Note this coming March 1st, and these will be stable builds – and not an earlier release which leaked out. This is what Eldar says in his tweet, “Android 4 aka ics for sgs2 will be officially available from march 1(depends […]

Watch Samsung’s Super Bowl commercial

So the Giants edged out the Patriots 21 to 17 in this year’s edition of the Super Bowl, and the Giants were not the only winners tonight. Samsung too, has launched their 4th quarter advertisement that we talked about earlier this month, and just in case you missed the ad, here it is above. Bobby Farrelly, famous for directing comedy films such as There’s Something About Mary, Dumb and Dumber […]

Samsung Galaxy Note available for pre-order this Sunday

The Samsung Galaxy Note was announced to arrive on AT&T on February 19th, and if you want to make sure that you have one to call your own on launch day – you can start pre-ordering the device this weekend. Consumers will have the choice of pre-ordering the phone tomorrow from AT&T and Best Buy. Those who pre-order it from AT&T will get the phone two days earlier than everyone else […]

Samsung ships 700,000 Galaxy Notes in South Korea

The Galaxy Note will be arriving on our shores soon, but if you were curious about how it’s been doing in other parts of the world, this news should satisfy your curiosity. According to, Samsung has reportedly sold over 700,000 units of the Samsung Galaxy Note to distributors in South Korea alone. While this doesn’t reflect the number of devices that have made their way to the hands of […]

Samsung Galaxy Note launches in Super Bowl ad

It was speculated earlier on that Samsung might just roll out their Galaxy Note last Sunday as a “revolutionary” device, and this prediction hit the nail on the head – with the Samsung Galaxy Note making an appearance in the first ever Super Bowl ad from the South Korean technology giant this coming February 5th. According to Todd Pendleton, Chief Marketing Officer for Samsung Telecommunications America, “During the past six […]