Galaxy Note 5.3

Samsung has revealed the pricing of its new Galaxy Note 5.3″ smartphone, at least in Europe. The device is expected to cost 549 Euros without a contract and 199 Euros with a contract. This is consistent with high-end smartphone pricing, and given that the bill of material (the cost of the components) is higher, we suspect that Samsung is accepting thinner margins in order to promote a unique smartphone format to the market. In the UK, the same device will retail for 500 GBP (before taxes).Looking at the pricing schemes used in the past, this means that we may get the Samsung Galaxy Note for $549 (unlocked) and $200 (with contract) when (and if) it comes to the USA.

It has been said that Samsung has no plans to release the Galaxy Note in the American market, but in my opinion, this official remark was interpreted in a slightly dramatic way. It is standard procedure for Samsung personnel to say that the company has “no plans” until there is an official plan. The US market is simply too big to skip for any significant product. It is likely that Samsung will test the markets before heading for a massive north American launch. The U.S got the massively popular Galaxy S2 phone 3 months after Asia and Europe.

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