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Samsung's Galaxy X May Arrive Before Galaxy S10
It has been repeatedly rumored over the past couple of years that Samsung has a foldable smartphone in the pipeline. The company itself has said that it’s going to launch the device but hasn’t confirmed when that’s going to happen. A new report suggests that Samsung’s foldable smartphone, commonly referred to as the Galaxy X, may arrive before the Galaxy S10 is due next year.

Samsung Doesn’t Want Its Galaxy X Foldable Phone To Be A Gimmick
Samsung is set to launch a foldable smartphone in the near future, but this isn’t a foldable phone like a clamshell phone, but a phone with a full touchscreen display that looks like a regular smartphone, with the main difference being that it can be foldable (presumably into half). It sounds like an interesting idea, but is it gimmicky?

Samsung Confirms Foldable Smartphone For 2018
Rumors that Samsung could be working on a foldable smartphone have been floating around for the past few years, with every year we hear rumors about the phone’s release being pushed to the next year. This was what we heard last year, although it looks like the wait could finally be over.

Galaxy X Listed On Samsung’s Website Turns Out To Be A Rugged Smartphone
We have been hearing reports that Samsung is getting ready to launch a truly flexible/foldable smartphone in the form of the Samsung Galaxy X. In fact just last month, the handset in question was spotted on Samsung’s website which no doubt raised some eyebrows, but as it turns out this isn’t the phone we were looking for.


New Report ‘Confirms’ Foldable Samsung Smartphone To Launch Next Year
One of the popular rumors circulating the internet is that Samsung has a smartphone in the works dubbed the Galaxy X that has a truly flexible display, which would allow users to fold the device without damaging it. However despite hearing about it for several years, a new report from Business Korea is claiming that the highly-anticipated handset will launch in 2018.

Samsung Galaxy X Support Page Spotted On Samsung’s Website
We have been hearing the rumors that Samsung could be close to launching their foldable smartphone called the Galaxy X. Whether or not the rumors are true still remains to be seen, but there seems to be evidence that a device called the “Galaxy X” exists, thanks to a recent sighting on Samsung’s own website.

Samsung Patent Hints At How The Galaxy X Could Look Like
For a while now we have been hearing that Samsung could have a foldable phone in the works dubbed the Galaxy X. This isn’t so much a phone that can flip open and close, but rather a phone with a full screen display that can be folded into half, which is a rather interesting albeit novel concept.

Foldable Samsung Galaxy X Rumored To Be A Limited-Run Device
We have been hearing rumors that Samsung could have a foldable smartphone in the works, and by foldable we don’t mean a flip phone, but a regular phone that will feature a display that is flexible and foldable. It is unclear when the phone is expected to launch, but it seems that if and when it does, it might be close to impossible to get your hands on one.

Galaxy Note 8 Might Not Be Samsung's First Dual Camera Smartphone
Long before the Galaxy S8 was made official on March 29, it was rumored that Samsung was going to introduce a dual camera system on the back with its new flagship smartphone. We all know that this didn’t happen. The Galaxy S8 doesn’t feature a dual camera system. Many believe that the Galaxy Note 8 will be the first smartphone from Samsung with such a camera system but a new […]

Galaxy X Foldable Smartphone Now Rumored For 2018 Launch
Last year there were rumors that the foldable Samsung smartphone that would be part of the new Galaxy X series would be launching in 2017, which is this year. We then heard rumors that it could be in Q4 2017, but a follow-up report suggested Q3 2017. Now if the latest report is true, we might not even be able to expect it at all this year.

Samsung Patent Hints At Galaxy X’s Design
We have been hearing for years that Samsung has plans to bring a phone with a foldable display to the market, but so far nothing has materialized. However a more recent rumor has suggested that the phone will be called the Galaxy X and that it could debut as soon as next year, but what exactly will it look it?

Foldable Samsung Galaxy X Smartphone Rumored To Sport A 4K Display
A report from earlier this month indicated that Samsung’s plans for a foldable smartphone is on its way and is due for a launch in 2017. Now according to new reports, it seems that the upcoming phone will be one of five flagship smartphones Samsung has pegged for 2017, with the other four rumored to be the Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8 Edge, Galaxy Note 7, and the Galaxy Note 7 […]