samsung-foldable-display-patentWe have been hearing for years that Samsung has plans to bring a phone with a foldable display to the market, but so far nothing has materialized. However a more recent rumor has suggested that the phone will be called the Galaxy X and that it could debut as soon as next year, but what exactly will it look it?

Oppo has shown off a prototype of their own foldable smartphone and it turns out that Samsung’s design could be roughly the same. This is according to a recently discovered patent which shows that Samsung had patented the idea of a smartphone that could be folded in half, with presumably a full touchscreen display on board.

According to the patent, it seems that Samsung has hidden a charging port in the middle of the phone where the hinge lies. It’s an interesting idea but this also means that the phone can’t be used while charging, but hopefully there’s a port on the bottom too. We’re not sure what the benefits of such a design is, but a phone that can be folded could mean that Samsung can create larger displays that when folded will be compact and more mobile.

Of course there’s no guarantee that what we’re seeing is the final design. Chances are it is one of many designs Samsung has up their sleeves, but for now what do you guys make of it?

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