Valve’s ‘Piston’ Steam Box Console Available For Pre-Order Starting At $999

It was at this year’s CES when we officially got to see Valve’s long-rumored Steam Box, which Valve teamed up with Xi3 in order to make it into an actual retail product. It’s only been two months since the Piston PC debuted at CES, and already its manufacturer Xi3 has started taking pre-orders for the device. Xi3’s Piston Console, which is what the company is officially calling it, will probably […]

Ouya Shipping To Kickstarter Supporters On March 28

Ouya Kickstarter supporters have been waiting anxiously to hear word of when they could expect their Android-powered video game console to make its way to their homes. We’ve heard Ouya started shipping out its developer kits this past December, and we published a report announcing people could expect the Ouya to make its way to retailers starting in June. Today, we’ve finally received word when you Kickstarter backers can expect […]

NVIDIA Shield Is About Shaping The Mobile Chip Battlefield

NVIDIA has provided some insights about how the NVIDIA Shield portable gaming device came to be (read about our hands-on time with the Shield at CES). I recommend reading the article on their website, and if you want a quick primer: it’s a great story of an ambitious idea which was turned into reality by an initial group of hardcore engineers which subsequently got company-wide support to the finish line. […]

Ouya introduces limited console edition during last week of funding

Ouya, the $99 Android game console project, in entering its last week of fund raising on Kickstarter. The company raised $6M+ out of an original goal of $950,000 (it hit $5M 10 days ago). It is clear that support for the project has been overwhelming as the idea of an affordable Android game console is resonating with a lot of people (45802 backers at the time of publishing). The limited […]


Check out Ouya: a $99 hackable Android video game console designed by Yves Behar

Usually you don’t see many game console startups as the video game industry is very difficult to break into (the barrier of entry is in the billions of dollars), but we can’t help but take interest into this particular one. Ouya is a $99 Android gaming console that you can hook up to your T.V. Ouya is just a concept at this point, but it was designed by famous designer […]

Washing machine ends up as video game console

Not everyone loves doing laundry – in fact, most people hate it, but what if you could package the ordinary laundry activity into something fun? Lee Wei Chen, an MA design student from Kingston University, decided that future washing machines should have an element of fun in them, where he designed a model that looks like an arcade-style video game console. The bottom part of it lies the washing machine, […]

SEGA turns public urinal into game console

This is pretty sad news – undignified, at the very least. SEGA, the house that once brought great games and fantastic consoles has been relegated to rolling out a new console which will find its home in men’s public restrooms. Known as ‘Toirettsu’, this is more or less a play on ‘Toy’ and ‘Let’s’, where the technologically advanced urinals will boast a sensor target which is capable of detecting when […]

Xbox 360 Hands-On Photos

We got our hands on the Xbox 360 and here are the real-world images of the beast. First surprise: it looks better than it did during the press event. It has a piano black finish that is exquisite – just like your HDTV (we hope for you). The new design is very cool – literally. The cooling design has been much improved with tons of ways to let air enter […]

Swinxs game console arrives Stateside

Mention video game consoles and you will most probably be faced with just a trio of answers – the Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii and Sony PS3. Well, think again – the Swinxs gaming console is now available Stateside despite it being announced a good two years back, having launched in Europe last year. The Swinxs is touted to offer hours of recreational entertainment through the use of lights and a […]

PS3 Slim, live pictures pop all over

A lot of folks are happy that Sony has released a fully featured PS3 at a lower price point (at last!). There are a lot of images being tweeted right now, and while most of them show the official Sony photos, some show what seems to be live images of the PS3 Slim and its box. This is getting people excited! Will Sony address consumers demand (for cheap hardware) and its […]

PS3 Slim enters production (sequel)

The cost-reduced PS3 slim has been the object of rumors for a long time. Photos have appeared earlier this year, and recently Amazon Germany did a snafu by publishing some information about a PS3 “konsole slim” on their website (the info has been removed since). That alone would tell us that the console does exist, and now would be the right time to start producing it, if Sony wants them […]

Sony Wants To Win With PSP Go, But Not at Any Price

Since it was announced at E3, the Sony PSP Go and its pricing in particular has created a lot of buzz on the web. If you missed it, PSP Go is not so different from the PSP, except that it basically fixes the portability problem and relies on digital files downloads for game acquisition. As for the pricing, it’s never low enough obviously, but at least we can take a […]