Not everyone loves doing laundry – in fact, most people hate it, but what if you could package the ordinary laundry activity into something fun? Lee Wei Chen, an MA design student from Kingston University, decided that future washing machines should have an element of fun in them, where he designed a model that looks like an arcade-style video game console. The bottom part of it lies the washing machine, while the top half will let you let off some steam while your clothes get cleaned. In fact, the washing cycle is dependent on your in-game performance, so you might need to put in more coins to complete the washing cycle than the usual if you happen to have extreme difficulty in completing that particular level.

No idea on whether this concept will one day be realized or not, but if it were, going to the self-service laundrettes isn’t going to be a drag anymore. Heck, it might just make it the new hang out place for teens, so don’t be surprised when your kids prefer to loaf around the local laundry shop with their mates instead of being at home!

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