This is pretty sad news – undignified, at the very least. SEGA, the house that once brought great games and fantastic consoles has been relegated to rolling out a new console which will find its home in men’s public restrooms. Known as ‘Toirettsu’, this is more or less a play on ‘Toy’ and ‘Let’s’, where the technologically advanced urinals will boast a sensor target which is capable of detecting when it’s being peed on, not to mention the strength of the stream. Such data will be relevant in the mini games that are displayed over an eye-level LCD display, including battling fires or shooting milk out of your character’s nose. Guess this might just lead you to hold your bladder all the more, making sure you get enough pressure when letting lose that stream of urine! No idea on whether such games will arrive Stateside or not. If it did, would you have more than just a go at it? Makes us wonder what the gals think about it, and the next time your man goes to the loo more often than not while you’re at Japan, at least you can heave a sigh of relief that he’s there just for the games and not because his bladder needs some medical attention.

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