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Pre-Orders For GE Link Smart Light Bulb Kick Off
It was just yesterday that we brought you word of a new smart bulb of sorts, the Link from General Electric (GE). Well, this new and affordable connected LED bulb is now up for pre-order for $15 a pop at Home Depot as expected just in case you are interested in decking up your home in an array of LED lights. Just to recap, Link will do away with the […]

GE Gives Old Wind Turbines A New, More Efficient Lease On Life
A problem with being an early adopter is that sometimes you’re left with a product that has been rendered obsolete and out of date by its future iterations. This isn’t a big deal if you have the money to keep upgrading to newer versions, but unfortunately this can’t be said for wind turbine installations.While wind turbines are used as a green alternative source of energy, they aren’t very efficient and […]

Aros Air Conditioner From GE Targets The Smart Home
GE did get the industry talking in 2013 when they invested $30 million into Quirky, which is a New York-based start up, and it seems as though that money has started to pay off through the form of the Aros air conditioner which was specially designed for the smart home. The Aros is not too different from the Nest Learning Thermostat, where it claims to synchronize with your smartphone while […]

“Diagnostics-on-Demand” Medical Device Invented
GE as well as the University of Washington have teamed up, working on a “Diagnostics-on-Demand” medical device that is meant for use in the realm of infectious disease detection. This particular DARPA-backed program will focus on the creation of an instrument-free, paper-based, fully-disposable device which can see action in remote areas, considering how access to medical diagnostic equipment in those areas are extremely limited due to numerous reasons. With the […]


GE Figured Out How to Get 100W of Light from a 27W LED Bulb
One major setback with LED lighting is that if you want a larger output of wattage, you will also have to deal with a larger chip cooling system. Now however, GE has revealed its new line of Energy Smart LED bulbs which have an innovative design for more efficient cooling. Reportedly, it can put out a 100W of power at only a quarter of the energy requirements needed from a […]

GE develops discs that store 500GB of data
Just when you thought that the 50GB storage you get from dual layer Blu-ray discs were overkill, wait until you get your hands on GE’s (General Electric) latest holographic discs. Two years ago, GE announced that it was developing a prototype form of storage that could store up to 500GB of data. And it looks like the company has managed to accomplish what it started.

General Electric EV Solar Carport
We’ve looked at wireless charging for electric vehicles earlier this morning, and here is the General Electric EV (Electric Vehicle) Solar Carport – an innovative concept for a futuristic carport that was unveiled in Plainville, Connecticut. This unique carport will incorporate solar panels on its roof alongside electric vehicle charging stations located under its cover. This was made possible thanks to a partnership with Inovateus Solar, where the latter installed […]

General Electric hybrid light bulbs start shipping
General Electric’s hybrid halogen-compact fluorescent (CFL) light bulbs that were announced late last year have started making their way to retailers nationwide. According to the latest reports, these environmental-friendly light bulbs are expected to be available nationwide by April 22 – Earth Day. What makes these light bulbs special is that they take a short time to completely light  up, last longer than regular incandescent bulbs and contain less mercury […]

The Ultimate royal wedding refrigerator
When royalty married during the time of monarchs, lavish gifts were sent from one kingdom to another. These days, most countries have abolished the monarchy system and settled for a republic instead, but England still has a queen to boast of. The upcoming new royal couple, Prince William and Kate Middleton, will be getting married soon, and General Electric has decided to send over what they call “The Ultimate” royal […]

General Electric offers solar-powered carousel
General Electric has decided to take a 1926 carnival carousel from the past and add a futuristic touch to it – by covering it with innovative thin film panels from GE which rely on a cadmium telluride semiconductor in order to harness the power of solar energy. It does seem as though thin film solar panels are slowly making their way to the current environment of devices, making solar energy […]

General Electric car charger might just usher in the future
[CES 2011] General Electric continues their rich tradition and history of bringing the latest in the world of electronics to the market by showcasing a cool looking electric vehicle charger. What you see here is of the level two variety, and it costs anywhere from $3,000 to $7,000 a pop – of course, the final price point has yet to be confirmed. It will take anywhere from 4 to 6 […]

General Electric power plug
[CES 2011] The world is adopting a greener stance for a fair number of years already, and General Electric isn’t letting up on their efforts either with this neat looking smart power plug. It is meant to help reduce various maladies associated with traditional power plugs, where it will eliminate vampire power (having devices plugged in but turned off or on standby) while ensuring your devices sip just the right […]

GE Introduces 1500 Lumens LED Bulb With Improved Thermal Management
If you’re always trying to get a brighter bulb into your room, perhaps what GE is working on might be of interest to you. The company has been busy showcasing its LED bulb prototypes that produce a good 1,500 lumens while being half the size and weight of a 600-lumens LED downlight in the market. This is possible due to the high-power LEDs utilizing optimum airflow and cooling technologies to do […]

General Electric has thin-film solar panels
General Electric wants a bigger slice of the solar power market with the introduction of their new thin-film solar panels alongside relevant accompanying equipment. These thin-film solar panels were made in conjunction with PrimeStar Solar, where it will hit the mass market from next year onwards. Cadmium telluride cells would be the material of choice, where these thin-film solar panels are meant for utility-scale solar projects. General Electric aims to […]