We’ve looked at wireless charging for electric vehicles earlier this morning, and here is the General Electric EV (Electric Vehicle) Solar Carport – an innovative concept for a futuristic carport that was unveiled in Plainville, Connecticut. This unique carport will incorporate solar panels on its roof alongside electric vehicle charging stations located under its cover. This was made possible thanks to a partnership with Inovateus Solar, where the latter installed the solar carport.

Solar panels on the carport are able to produce enough electricity each year that is able to juice up the equivalent of 20 homes. Of course, not all the space within the lot will sport an EV station. It is said that the solar panels on the carport are able to support all the electricity required to power the carport’s overhead lighting, in addition to half a dozen Level 2 GE Charging Stations – letting it juice up around 13 EVs each day.

As the carport remains connected to the grid, it can also feed any excess power generated over into the grid, in addition to drawing power from the grid if required. Would you like to see more of such carports in your area?

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