GE Introduces 1500 Lumens LED Bulb With Improved Thermal Management

If you’re always trying to get a brighter bulb into your room, perhaps what GE is working on might be of interest to you. The company has beenbusy showcasing its LED bulb prototypes that produce a good 1,500 lumens while being half the size and weight of a 600-lumens LED downlight in the market. This is possible due to the high-power LEDs utilizing optimum airflow and cooling technologies to do away with thermal problems. The company uses very small micro-fluidic bellows type devices to produce high-velocity jets of air, which impinge on the LED heat sink to increase the heat transfer rate to more than ten times that of natural convection. The dual cool jets’ improved thermal management helps to reduce the LED chip count, size and weight, not to mention offers performance and cost advantages.

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