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Sonos’ Speakers Can Now Work With General Electric’s Appliances
One of the joys of the modern age is that a lot of our home appliances and gadgets have gotten smarter. In fact, if you own a Sonos speaker and you have some General Electric appliances in your home, you might be interested to learn that Sonos and GE appliances can now communicate with each other.

GE Induction Cooktops Offer Swipe-Friendly Controls
Induction cooktops might be cool to use since there is no need to worry about a gas leak, but there are still drawbacks to this technology. For instance, you can never quite get the heat amount right, since the traditional gas stove is said to be “analog” in nature – as in, you can control the flame to the exact point that you require while induction cooktops tend to see […]

GE's Link Smart Light Bulb Will Only Cost You $15
Without doubt, smart light bulbs are cool. This is because it allows users to control their lights remotely as well as apply different moods to the lighting, so if you wanted something romantic, all you’d have to do is adjust it from your smartphone via an accompanying app. Basically it’s an introduction to the home of the future.However emerging technology rarely comes cheap and when Philips first announced the Hue […]

Holographic technology lets one assemble a jet engine without an engineering degree
You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to be able to figure out, or at least, have a go at assembling a jet engine thanks to General Electric’s (GE) partnership with BBDO New York to develop Throttle Up, which is an immersive, holographic sensory experience that will run throughout the entire Creative Week in New York since yesterday until the 11th of this month. Relying on a holistic suite […]


General Electric EV Solar Carport
We’ve looked at wireless charging for electric vehicles earlier this morning, and here is the General Electric EV (Electric Vehicle) Solar Carport – an innovative concept for a futuristic carport that was unveiled in Plainville, Connecticut. This unique carport will incorporate solar panels on its roof alongside electric vehicle charging stations located under its cover. This was made possible thanks to a partnership with Inovateus Solar, where the latter installed […]

General Electric hybrid light bulbs start shipping
General Electric’s hybrid halogen-compact fluorescent (CFL) light bulbs that were announced late last year have started making their way to retailers nationwide. According to the latest reports, these environmental-friendly light bulbs are expected to be available nationwide by April 22 – Earth Day. What makes these light bulbs special is that they take a short time to completely light  up, last longer than regular incandescent bulbs and contain less mercury […]

The Ultimate royal wedding refrigerator
When royalty married during the time of monarchs, lavish gifts were sent from one kingdom to another. These days, most countries have abolished the monarchy system and settled for a republic instead, but England still has a queen to boast of. The upcoming new royal couple, Prince William and Kate Middleton, will be getting married soon, and General Electric has decided to send over what they call “The Ultimate” royal […]

General Electric offers solar-powered carousel
General Electric has decided to take a 1926 carnival carousel from the past and add a futuristic touch to it – by covering it with innovative thin film panels from GE which rely on a cadmium telluride semiconductor in order to harness the power of solar energy. It does seem as though thin film solar panels are slowly making their way to the current environment of devices, making solar energy […]

General Electric car charger might just usher in the future
[CES 2011] General Electric continues their rich tradition and history of bringing the latest in the world of electronics to the market by showcasing a cool looking electric vehicle charger. What you see here is of the level two variety, and it costs anywhere from $3,000 to $7,000 a pop – of course, the final price point has yet to be confirmed. It will take anywhere from 4 to 6 […]

General Electric power plug
[CES 2011] The world is adopting a greener stance for a fair number of years already, and General Electric isn’t letting up on their efforts either with this neat looking smart power plug. It is meant to help reduce various maladies associated with traditional power plugs, where it will eliminate vampire power (having devices plugged in but turned off or on standby) while ensuring your devices sip just the right […]

GE Introduces 1500 Lumens LED Bulb With Improved Thermal Management
If you’re always trying to get a brighter bulb into your room, perhaps what GE is working on might be of interest to you. The company has been busy showcasing its LED bulb prototypes that produce a good 1,500 lumens while being half the size and weight of a 600-lumens LED downlight in the market. This is possible due to the high-power LEDs utilizing optimum airflow and cooling technologies to do […]

General Electric has thin-film solar panels
General Electric wants a bigger slice of the solar power market with the introduction of their new thin-film solar panels alongside relevant accompanying equipment. These thin-film solar panels were made in conjunction with PrimeStar Solar, where it will hit the mass market from next year onwards. Cadmium telluride cells would be the material of choice, where these thin-film solar panels are meant for utility-scale solar projects. General Electric aims to […]

GE DV1 mini HD camcorder is one tough cookie
GE’s DV1 mini HD camcorder is yet another player in the ever expanding mini camcorder market, and it is no slouch in terms of performance either. Capable of shooting full HD video, you will be able to store up to 29 minutes of full HD footage. That certainly doesn’t sound enough for even the average user, which is why there is an SD/SDHC memory card slot to further augment its […]

GE offers Durathon battery for critical backup power
General Electric, or GE, has come up with its Durathon battery that will target those who want a reliable critical backup power solution, and the Durathon will find itself at home when used in uninterruptible power supply (UPS) applications for large data centers, hospitals, and other areas where there is a need for a continuous power supply. Thanks to the use of its proprietary chemistry, the Durathon battery is able […]

General Electric Power Series of digital cameras
[PMA 2010] General Electric has a couple of new digital cameras from its Power Series that are touted to hit the market later this year, in the form of the E1486TW and E1480W, alongside a new model for its Power Pro Series – the X5 (sounds like a BMW, don’t you think, albeit costing much less). The X5 will come with optical image stabilization, 15X zoom and ISO 3200, boasting […]

General Electric Smart Series of digital cameras
[PMA 2010] General Electric has taken the opportunity to introduce more members to its Smart Series family, with the J1455 being a 14.2-megapixel shooter alongside 5X optical zoom and image stabilization. Expect it to roll out in Q2 this year in black, silver, red and other colors for around $130. As for the 10-megapixel C1033 and 12-megapixel C1233, both models are meant to target those who are walking on a […]

GE Vscan portable ultrasound scanner
GE is a corporate giant who has its fingers dipped into most known cookie jars, so to speak, and their latest device would be the highly portable yet affordable ultrasound scanner known as the Vscan. Sharing roughly the same dimensions as a BlackBerry when closed, this device is capable of showing an ultrasound image with control keys located at the bottom. Three years ago, a console ultrasound with similar power […]