ge-touch-cooktopInduction cooktops might be cool to use since there is no need to worry about a gas leak, but there are still drawbacks to this technology. For instance, you can never quite get the heat amount right, since the traditional gas stove is said to be “analog” in nature – as in, you can control the flame to the exact point that you require while induction cooktops tend to see increments that aren’t all that precise. Well, General Electric intends to change that with their new GE brands: Café, Profile and Monogram.

All three GE brands will introduce new induction cooktops later this May, where new features will also help make life easier in the kitchen. For instance, the GE Café and Monogram brands will be equipped with swipe-friendly controls that deliver precise heat control, a sous vide accessory, while all of the brands will boast of a lightweight griddle that GE has created specifically for induction.

Interacting with these induction cooktops are as simple as what you would often do with your smartphones and tablets – touching around an arc, or using plus and minus signs to navigate. These new knob-free controls will also deliver another easy surface to wipe down, which means you need not worry about crevices to clean up once you’re done with your feast fit for kings. It would be nice to see a virtual flame effect like what Samsung showcased at the recently concluded CES though. [Press Release]

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