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Giphy Updated With Keyboard Extension For iOS
If sharing GIFs is your kind of thing, there are ways to go about doing so. For example apps such as WhatsApp and Messenger already come with built-in search tools that lets users find GIFs and attach it to their messages. However if you wanted a potentially more efficient way of finding GIFs to share, the latest Giphy update might be of interest to you.

Giphy Launches Its Own Short Form Video Platform
For those who love their GIFs, Giphy is one of the main platforms that many turn to to find and send GIFs, whether it be used in chats, forums, emails, and so on. However it looks like Giphy has decided to turn their attention and expand their offerings where they will soon start to offer short form videos on its platform.

Racist GIF Forces Instagram And Snapchat To Remove Giphy Integration
GIFs are very popular online which is why many social media apps have integrated with services that offer these stickers so that their users can easily insert them into their posts and conversations. However, both Instagram and Snapchat have pulled Giphy integration from their apps after an extremely racist GIF was discovered in Giphy’s library.

NASA Shares Its Database Of GIFs With Giphy
Giphy is one of the many databases in which users can access animated GIFs to be used in their conversations, like on Apple’s iMessages, or on the internet. Now it seems that NASA has decided to open up their database of GIFs to Giphy to allow users to access various space and NASA-related GIFs.


Giphy Will Let Vine Users Transfer Their Content Over To Their Website
Twitter has announced that they will be shutting Vine down. However the good news is that Vine users will be given time to download and save their uploaded content, even if it is just for memories. However the good news for Vine users is that if you still want your content to be available online, Giphy has swooped in to the rescue.

Giphy Cam Beta For Android Lets You Create Your Own Memes
If you’re looking for GIFs to use in your conversation with friends, Giphy is probably one of the more popular repositories of GIFs available out there. Facebook Messenger uses it, and there is also the Giphy app available for Apple’s Messages app. However if you want to create a more customized GIF, Giphy has your back.